Here we go again!!!


    The Mother Fuckers just won't stop!! Get ready for another one, The BLM has to be forced to eat food imported from China and so do the ass holes and their families that come to inforce their made up laws.

  • Hmm... since it's Texas I have a bit of a story. (It's a crap story because I haven't been included in all the discussions)

    Supposedly back in the day, some relatives of mine owned quite a bit of land in Texas. And I mean back in the day 100+ years or better, and I mean a lot of land.

    Anyways a few years back certain members of my more immediate family started tracing family lines (tracing Mexican family lines is terrible) I got involved for a bit out of request, was never really told why until I told them I wasn't going to do anymore work until they told me why.

    Eventually I was told about the supposed land, and they were filing a lawsuit against the Government and maybe the state of Texas to try and get either, a: the land back, b: the mineral and oil rights back, c: money, because the Government and or the State of Texas (according to the relatives) took the land illegally

    I bowed out at this point, eventually they did file suit, and I'm not really sure what happened last I had heard was they were still fighting for something.

    There's a good chance many of the details are wrong because that part of the family doesn't speak a whole lot of English, and since I am extremely white they treat me like shit anyways.

    Actually I remember googling the name and the history and found that this isn't the first time someone had tried to get this land back, the first time it happened all of the people who filed suit mysteriously died, I kid you not.

    Anyways that's my story, moral of the story, my Mexican family hates me because I'm white haha.

  • The government using OUR MONEY to steal our land? How about no.

    If they try, I hope they die. Pure and simple. Anyone that enforces that kind of action should die right along with those that chose to pursue it.