6.5 Creedmoor Lapua brass.

  • So looks like the rumors were true.


    "May as well go ahead and drive a stake through the heart of this thread right now; Yes, we currently have 6.5 Creedmoor in to works. We discussed this one at length in Finland during a new products development meeting a few months back. Several of us were pushing this one rather hard, due to the tremendous feedback we'd taken on the cartridge, and the popularity that the cartridge has already earned. Not a big one in Europe, but the US market is a significant share of our business, and we most definitely do listen to customer input. The first set ups are currently being done, and the initial trial run and in-house testing will be done shortly after that. If all goes well, we'll move on with production and hopefully make the formal introduction of this one during the SHOT show in January.

    Hang on guys, it's coming"

  • Boom.

    I heard it was coming. ;)

  • Really when it comes out I don't see any reason for a guy to own 260 or 6.5x47L

    I'm not a fan of small primers, and hotrodding the 6.5x47L

    And the 260 suffers from growth issues and COL issues.

  • Exactimundo!

  • Sounds like it's probably going to be small rifle primer pockets.

    That's... not what I was hoping for.

  • THEFUCK!?!?!?

    That would be JUST like europeans.

    That would be the dumbest goddamn thing they could do.

  • Yea, if you hit the url, he said that's what they asked for (they as in Lapua USA)

    Small rifle primers are just all over the place, cup thickness, hardness, size it differs by manufacturer. More so then Large rifle, accurate shooter had a graph once, maybe you posted it here already.

  • Well could be following this:
    Tests Reveal Better ES and SD with Small Primers
    Initial tests of the small primer pocket .308 by U.S. Palma team members have been very promising. The small primer pocket case seems to have advantages in both accuracy and the ability to handle high-pressure loads. However, the primary improvement found with the smaller primer is reduced ES and SD. Palma Team members have found that, with almost every brand of primer tested (small vs. large), the smaller version has yielded reduced Extreme Spread and Standard Deviation. This pays dividends in 1000-yard shooting. Also, some testers believe that small primers are more consistent and require less sorting — and that there are more varieties of small primers that seem to work really well in the .308 case. Moreover, the small primer types are more uniform, from lot to lot, than are large primers, according to some testers. More info will follow later today.

  • Could be... but small rifle primers are also a pain in the ass. If the bolt face/firing pin interface isn't perfect, pierced primers is pretty regular.

  • Yea, and think of how many creedmoors are in budget M700, Savages, Rugers.

    Another thing I'm not to fond of, which we see with the 6.5x47L

    The small primers seem to mask some pressure signs, and guys push them way beyond the limits.

    I wouldn't doubt if this does happen people will see an extra 200 fps and not realize they are over pressure until some one blows a rifle up.

  • I don't see the point of doing 6.5CM brass if your doing it with small primer pockets. But Lapua is like any other company and may see it as a money saving production.