What does over $1000 of neck turning look like?

  • Like this!


  • Uhhh noooooooo

    Neck turning sucks, hopefully this will help it not suck.

    Actually I was going to guess that your reloading tool was gonna have something to do with neck turning because you had mentioned neck turning recently and I figured maybe you found a better way.

  • I'm a big fan of rewarding companies that innovate. I'm NOT a fan of copying what they do just to make a buck. I can't think of anything that would make the 21st century neck turning tool drastically improved.

    Obviously that wasn't the case when I designed our priming tool. ;)

    Using this neck turning kit is quite simple and works great.

    1. Expand the necks with the correct expander mandrel
    2. Install the corresponding turning arbor in the turning tool
    3. Install the correct cutter for the shoulder angle of the cartridge
    4. Sneak up on your adjustment to get thickness set
    5. Set your length stop adjustment
    6. Turn the batch!

    It's a really great kit.

  • Is that the lathe setup?

    I just found one used and picked it up for about half of new. I'm glad I picked an orkan approved product.

    And I'm interested to see what the 3D printed/diy storage set looks like.

  • I didn't get the lathe with it. I have access to a "real" lathe, so I didn't need the drill-powered jobby they sell. Not that there is anything wrong with it... but a true tailstock setup is pretty awesome!