No more UA for me

  • hahaha...

    This is going to hurt them. They are going to have the kind of instant regret that people who attempt suicide by jumping off bridges and buildings live to tell about.

  • It would be nice to see all their sponsored hunters drop them, and see Cabelas and Bass Pro drop them.

    But it won't happen, there's already one big hunter who said he won't drop them.

    If even the Shockeys dropped them that would be big. (Not a fan of their shows but they have a big following)

  • People have been ignoring principle, morality, and honor in the name of money for a long time.

    I don't see that stopping now.

  • Banned

    Easy drop for me, I don't own much of anything of theirs. I always thought they were a little too "camo fashion" or me.

  • Gosh dang it....I love their t-shirts because they're so freaking soft and light. And their winter thermal underwear or whatever it's called is nice too. Why do these companies have to be retarded?! I know why, so don't answer. But good lawd.....I really hate "politically correctness" and the liberal mindset. Grrr... Oh well, time to get to shopping for something different :)

  • Most say that marino wool or some such thing is far better anyhow.

  • Fuck. I just got a bunch for free. I was thinking it would be perfect for hunting season this year.
    The rep came through my LGS and I raided the swag table.

    No skin off my teeth to burn it. No money out of my pocket either.

  • @ragnarnar
    you could donate it to the BLM brothers:laughing:

  • @mamalukino

    I'm not a fan of either BLM.

    Give it to them and then set it on fire.....

  • @ragnarnar :+1:

  • Another UA sponsored hunter has come out supporting UA.

    Cameron Hayes was the first (honestly no idea who he is)

    Remi Warren was the second. His of Solo Hunter TV.

    Yup, basically says it was because UA gave him money when he needed it.

  • Natural fibers are almost always better than man made materials. I went all out on hiking gear trying to get ultralight without sacrificing comfort and natural is the way to go.

    I have a merino wool t shirt that is awesome. I can wear it on a 4 day hike and it doesn't smell nearly as bad as cotton or UA. It is cool when you want to be cool and acts as insulation when you layer it.

    I also went to silk "long johns". They are 1/3 the weight of UA and just as warm if not warmer. My silk pants weigh about 3oz and are well worth the comfort they provide when hiking in cold weather.

    Down is another amazing natural fiber. I have a down jacket that weighs 8 oz. a cotton tshirt weighs over 7. This down jacket is comfortable down to about 25 degrees when coupled with the above mentioned merino wool t shirt. There is not a man made fiber that even begins to compare.

    There are two down sides to natural fibers. 1. They are more expensive. 2. They require more delicate care. They usually cannot be machine dried and sometimes not even machine washed, but it is well worth the down sides for me.

    UA is popular...but well behind the leaders in their field for people who are really serious. I have no problem sending my money elsewhere.

  • I was going to make the switch from UA to merino wool for the last couple years... just never got around to it. @dddoo7 would you mind making a new thread in this section with some details on the make/model of stuff you bought and what you think of it in hot/moderate/cold temperatures?

  • Yea that would be nice.

    Merino is expensive, but it's sounds really nice.

    Some socks would be great, especially for running I think.

    The only issue with down is that when it gets wet it's no good.


    ... and we come full circle.

    Companies are in business to make money. When gun owners and hunters stick together, we get proven results. Obviously, social justice warrior pledges to buy more Under Armour apparel proved meaningless. Pledges from hunters and the People of the Gun, on the other hand, not to buy their stuff have a real impact. Let’s face it: Under Armour chose the online petition signed by 4,000 special snowflakes over tens of millions of productive Americans.

    Under Armour chose poorly. Let them continue to reap the whirlwind.

    Complete destruction of a company that opposed us. Hard to find better news stories.


  • If I didn't have principles I'm sure you could make some money off buying some stock.

    But I love it. It's nice to see karma and a boycott actually work.

    I looked closer and realized that dip didn't have anything to do with us boycotting them. Anyone know what that's about?

  • @ragnarnar said:

    If I didn't have principles I'm sure you could make some money off buying some stock.

    But I love it. It's nice to see karma and a boycott actually work.

    I looked closer and realized that dip didn't have anything to do with us boycotting them. Anyone know what that's about?

    I believe it had something to do about a shoe.

  • I'd love for it to have been because of hunters, but as Orkan stated in the NFA thread, only 6,000 people signed that.

    Just doing a little research it looks like they were effected by some bankruptcies on smaller sports chains, and then people ditching because people thought they'd grow like they have been growing.

    I'm not saying Hunters didn't make an impact, I have my doubts, I saw a lot of UA crap at the check in stations this year.

    I don't care, let them crash, they had some nice stuff it was expensive, and they pissed of hunters.

    Unfortunately a lot of their sponsored hunters stayed on board as well, if some of the bigger names like the Shockeys would have left there would have been a big impact, but I didn't expect them to do that, most of the people on TV have no backbone and just do what money says they do.

  • I won't buy UA again...but I'm not burning the $100's of dollars worth that I have. Burning that which I have already paid for doesn't hurt a company.

  • Damn, I am late to this one, and I would've loved to have shorted that stock, oh well, hind sight is always 20/20. I think all I have a is a beanie with the UA logo, but I bought it to support the Wounded Warrior project.

    @orkan Merino wool is the way to go. I seriously didn't believe the hype about it but I decided to try it on our last camping trip. My feet smell, ok, like I take shoes off in the living room to relax and watch some TV and my wife douses my feet with the lavander Lysol :laughing: I've tried the foot powders, talcum, no matter, nothing works. Went camping for 5 days with the family, got me 1 pair of merino wool socks at Bass Pro which I wore through the 5 days, barely any smell when I got home and took them off. Granted, I would air them out every night when going to sleep, but even my wife was surprised. I am now on a mission to find socks I can wear with dressy clothes, with running shoes, etc. all of merino wool. Over the next few months before hunting season, I'll be getting all the under layer clothes for my son and I to go hunting this coming Fall.

  • @ramirojpc

    Man made fibers cannot compare to natural...except for the fact that they are usually cheaper.

    I have a merino wool t shirt for hiking. same thing...smell is less and it is warm when layered and cool when not layered.

    I use wool (not merino) socks for running as well. They are much better than cotton.

    Silk is also a very nice and lightweight alternative to UA. it is not as robust...but works just as well and is 1/3 of the weight.