Ammo inventory day.

  • Was cleaning some rifles and had to sort through what i had on hand.
    Wolf Brick is full.
    TAC-22 still has 7 boxes.
    Center-X has 8 left
    2 ELey Match,
    2 ELey Club
    2 Eley Edge
    2 RWS R50
    2 Aguila Match
    4 RWS Target
    1 RWS Match
    1 Federal GM
    1 Geco Semi auto
    Winchester bulk and Federal Automatch bulk
    Heading out to try some Fiocchi 69 grain Sierra in the Colt after cleaning the barrel.

    Then a dot drill before my afternoon nap so I can be fresh for driving tonight.
    Missing a ten round CZ mag and two 5 round magazines and the single loading block.
    Kids Grrr.

  • I'll play.

    3 - 500 round Winchester Super X bricks, full
    1 - 500 round Winchester Super X brick, about 1/2 full (not shown)
    6 - 325 round Federal Auto Match bricks, full
    1 - 300 round CCI brick, full

    I've got other assorted rounds for my 6.5CM, 6.5x284 Norma, and my 9mm pistols but all are mixed amounts.


  • I had a boating accident and lost all of my ammo and guns at the bottom of the Mississippi River. 😜

  • @dddoo7

    Dude sorry to hear that.

    I had the same accident a back in January, actually on New Year's Day.

    All my spare gun parts, magazines, brass, powder, reloading equipment and components were in the boat too, so they're gone also.

    It's really unfortunate, because I was planning on turning in the magazines to the state and registering all my "assault weapons."

  • In case anyone is interested in Federal Auto Match, Widner's,, is running it for $24.95/box. Don't know how that compares to local pricing but it seems to be the default ammo of 22LR silhouette shooters in my area.

  • @rr2241tx

    It may just be the lot I received...but it is not unusual for me to get 5-10% misfires on auto-match. I really think the quality of all bulk 22 ammo has drastically fallen in the last 2.5 years. When it is so hard to get people don't complain as much about the quality dropping off. Even the misfires on the automatch wouldn't keep me from buying it if I found a good price. I don't buy from Wiedners because they are in state and I have to pay taxes AND shipping. I am still about 400 miles from them so I can't pick it up either.

  • Sillouette shooters don't seem to terribly concerned with accuracy, if they're shooting automatch. lol. Stuff is bulk pack junk.

  • @dddoo7 You are not alone in that observation. I don't have ignition problems in guns with large firing pins that crush a mm or so of the rim, but my Ruger 10/22T with it's skinny firing pin and Bentz chamber is hopeless with recently produced bulk ammo. But, it gets the chamber fouled with bullet lube and has to be swabbed about every other magazine too. I may eventually get ambitious enough to rechamber it and rework the bolt to take a wider firing pin.

    If Midway's discount code is still valid I might get it for less there, 10 boxes will get over their $150 threshold.

    @orkan The thing with silhouette shooting is first it is all fired offhand, the targets are 2.5 MOA, and you have to hit the rams hard enough to knock them over. Tenex will definitely make it easier to hit all the targets but often does not knock over center hit animals and it costs a lot of money. Lever action smallbore rifles generally are not tack drivers anyway so good enough and cheap enough both come into play.

  • @rr2241tx said:

    good enough and cheap enough both come into play.

    I figured as much. Were I looking for accuracy and knock down, I'd be shooting RWS. That stuff moves flat out, almost all of it is supersonic, but shoots great.

  • @orkan Have you ever tried RWS High Velocity? It's half the price of Tenex and claims 1263 fps.

  • I haven't.

  • I've had good luck with federal auto match. Doesn't group for crap but fine for plinking and I don't experience almost any misfires. It actually runs pretty well in most of my firearms. Palmetto State Armory routinely has sales in the $19 a box range with free shipping on 5 or more boxes.

    They've also been running great specials on Federal Gold Medal Match .308. Around $20 a box with free shipping for a case or more. I've not seen prices like that in a long time.

  • Everyone stopped hoarding ammo and has started hoarding money. lol

    I expect prices to get real good in the next few years. Pretty soon they'll be begging us to take it at prices of 10yrs ago. ;)

    Here's to hoping. It's finally a shooters market again.

  • @orkan

    Good, now if they'll only stop hoarding H4350 and Varget!

  • @a_marks said:


    Good, now if they'll only stop hoarding H4350 and Varget!

    I just got 3 lbs. (all they had)of Varget after 4-5 years of not seeing any.....:laughing:
    I still haven't seen any RL15, which I prefer, and my supply is down to less than 2 lbs.

  • @mamalukino

    I just got an 8lb jug of varget and a 5lb jug of RL 15 at powder valley last week. This was the first time I saw large jugs of varget in a while. The lb jugs seem to be decently available. RL 15 seems to be even easier to find. I haven't seen an 8 lb jug of H4350 in a long long time. Resorted to buying a case of pounders a couple months ago because I was desperate.

  • You guys that are in the lower 48... if you want powder, just call Precision Reloading and get on the backorder list. They'll get you what you need. Scrounging around for components isn't logical when they have such capabilities.

  • @a_marks Jealous:laughing: I am at the mercy of what the ship brings in.