Copycat Sausage Egg McMuffin

  • Copycat Sausage Egg McMuffin

    1/8th pound ground sausage patty, cooked (or more)
    1 egg, cooked to your preference (I like over easy so I have a egg yolk to dip the muffin in)
    1 toasted English Muffin
    1 slice of cheese (optional)

    Fry the sausage patty in fry pan until desired doneness is achieved. While you're making your sausage, place English Muffin in toaster and toast to desired doneness. Cut a thin slice of cheddar cheese off a brick. Then layer sausage and cheese on top of toasted English Muffin. Fry up an egg quick and place on top of the cheese. Place top of English Muffin on and enjoy!


  • DAY YAM that looks good...:smile:

  • @mamalukino It's pretty fantastic! I don't have it often, as I only eat bread as a rare treat, but it freaking hits the spot each time!

  • I'm sitting here looking at that and want to bite the computer screen:laughing: