Brittel VS Orkan, 100 Yards

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    I left my 6.5 Creedmoor with Orkan yesterday as we didn't get a chance to start working on load development/sight in/barrel break in. I come out today and he lets me know the round count and what the load is. Sweet! I clean it up and put a couple through it to confirm and shoot the rest of the rounds he loaded up for me. At some point he got down next to me and started hammering away at the 1/2" 100 yards... with his .22LR. The wind was calm (for a South Dakota day) but small thunderheads were popping up all over the place, so the wind was switching very often and random gusts would come flying in from whatever direction.

    I haven't shot much for centerfire in a while, and round count was still low on this new barrel (didn't stop Orkan from putting shots 6, 7, and 8 into a ragged hole...)

    Excuses aside he straight up owned me. My groups are numbered 1, 2 and 3. His groups are along the bottom row. Again, he was shooting .22LR, and I was shooting 6.5 Creedmoor, after the load was tuned. 100 yards at 1/2" dots. 5 round groups each. Watching his shots when he was shooting, I could tell I had the upper hand in the ammo department. Every shot I heard that was loud? That's the high hit in his groups... the quiet ones? The rounds that dropped low. I was glad I was getting back on track for my third group. It was a nice cushion for the beating that went down :smirk:

    While I was letting my barrel cool, he adjusts his turrets, shoots, and 2 seconds later I hear "ting!"... He smacked the c zone at 300 yards dead center. WHAT!?!

    Four more shots, all hits. He ends up going 20 for 20 at 300 yards, with a .22LR in wind conditions that would make the second shot miss one side, the third shot miss the other side... if not held correctly.

    As if that wasn't enough, he loaded up another magazine and fires them off like a teenager mag dumping his ruger 10/22 into the 10 yard berm. First shot, second shot *Ting! third shot *ting! ...on and on it went. 5th shot TING!....TING!! 5 for 5 rapid fire at 300 yards! :hushed:

    Many times I've seen Orkan pull off some incredible shots.

    A first round hit dead center at 1000+ yards... the first round of the DAY, no sighters a few minutes before... just grabbed the rifle out of the rack, put it in a bag, take it out, set it up, get a quick range on target, load, shoot, hit.

    His FNP 45 hitting a c zone ipsc at 300 yards, one handed. Taking out 4 pigeons with 3 shots... and they were NOT grouped tightly. First round hits on pdogs from 40 to 400+ yards, many times with a variety of cartridges, weather conditions and locations. The doubles and triples on coyotes going all out that don't make it on film, be it poor footage or poor quality due to the distances they were out to.... on and on it goes.

    I am very blessed to have such a great mentor

    I ended up tagging a nice 3 round group at 300 before calling it a day. Tomorrow there will be more trigger time for sure!

  • I had a nice group coming together on that third dot... until a slow round screwed me over. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • What was the 22LR ammo?

  • R50. My center X shoots a LOT better.

  • What rifle is the 22, G?

  • @sa-shooter said:

    What rifle is the 22, G?

    Custom 40X repeater.


  • Must be some serious shooter to be ringing steel at 300y. Colour me impressed!!

  • It doesn't ring much...

    More of a tick ;)

  • The cool thing is at that distance a lot of times you will see the bullet before it strikes.

  • Heck, you can do that at 50yds with a 22lr when shooting against white paper. For SURE at 100yds. At 300yds, you can't really watch the bullet in, because there's 12 mils of elevation in the firing solution. If you bork a 1mph wind call, you miss a 12" plate.

    I happened to call the wind just right and went 25 for 25. A C-zone is a pretty big target too.

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    @orkan said:

    I happened to call the wind just right and went 25 for 25. A C-zone is a pretty big target too.

    Yes it is, but considering I could cover the vast majority with my hand... rapid fired rounds included... I'd say you did "okay" :satisfied:

    Smacking the small diamond target over and over again yesterday with your .22lr at 160 yards was pretty impressive too! I didn't measure it, but it can't be much more or less than 3" wide and 5" tall... Since you pretty much were only hitting the bottom tip to get it to swing, I need to get you some smaller targets put up :sunglasses:

  • Those 100 yard groups are better than most 50 yard groups I see over at Rimfire Central. A 0.3 or 0.4 at 50 is doing good for a Sporter.
    The wind call is what blows my mind.
    We just don't have that much air movement here in Central Georgia except for thunderstorm downdrafts.
    If you look at a potential wind power chart we are nearly to zero. us_110m_potential.jpg

  • @hypo said:

    Those 100 yard groups are better than most 50 yard groups I see over at Rimfire Central.

    I had to stop going there. Too many retards. FAR too many.

    I could post a target like that and 10 witnesses with signatures... they still would give me shit saying it was staged.

  • Yep, rimfire Fudds.
    The Anschutz guys aren't as bad as the Ruger,CZ or Savage disciples.

    They are more tilted towards collecting in the CZ forum. There are a heap of different CZ and older BRNO models that have not changed the basic action since 1949 until the 455 actions a few years ago. The 455 was a step back in my opinion. They are good squirrel guns.
    They aren't purebred target rifles.
    I got lucky with mine but it I am not consistent and seems to be picky about ammo.

  • I spent some time with two customer's 40X's yesterday and today.

    5 shots each dot, 50yds.