My boys first rifle is...

  • evil black rifle. My 9yo has been shooting the MKII .22lr for a few years now. He's gotten to the point where he can keep it on target at 100 yards. He wants to start shooting a bit further, and have some more pop. So I decided to build him an AR. Mostly because its the one platform that can be adjusted as he grows, and .223 is a great centerfire starter round.

    I also built this thing pretty damn cheap since I had some parts and found some deals.
    -Tactical Machining 80% Lower $30.00
    -80% Jig $25.00
    -Anderson LPK $50.00
    -Buffer and Stock I had already
    -Crossfire II scope and Aero Mount I passed down from my AR
    -Ebay Handguard $40
    -Anderson SBR 18" Stainless Barrel/low profile gas block and tube/muzzle brake $120 used
    -Upper Reciever/Anderson BCG/Strike Ind charging handle $205

    I just rattle canned the paint job. I fugured its going to get beat up so keep it simple and I can always redo it. Range report in the next week or so.

  • Lucky fella!! That's awesome:thumbsup: :smile:

  • Sweeeeeeeetness. Good on ya for getting the little man setup.

    A piece of advice: Don't "give" it to him until he's in his 30's. Lots of rifles are sold during a man's younger years. That period between 16 and 30 can be very tumultuous and is prone to financial difficulties. Tell him it's "his to use"... and then after you've seen his life settle down and become stable... THEN give it to him. It will have more value than you can possibly imagine.

    If he falls on hard times, he'll look to sell it just to pay the bills... and he'll regret it for the rest of his life. The memories he'll forge in the next 5-8 years with that rifle are priceless... and life can be a cruel bitch when you're just getting started.

    I speak from experience. I'd give damn near anything to have my .243 winchester model 70 again. My first whitetail, my first antelope, my first mule deer, my first coyote... etc etc etc. Sold for $500 when I was 19 and about to be evicted because I couldn't get a job locally. So goddamn stupid... but that's how young men are. Spare your son that. It's your duty as a father.

  • @orkan Great advice Greg. Its staying in my safe until he has one of his own and I know he can be trusted with it. My dad did the same thing with me. I didn't get grandpa's guns till about 5 years ago, lol.

  • @norcal_in_az said:

    @orkan Great advice Greg. Its staying in my safe until he has one of his own and I know he can be trusted with it. My dad did the same thing with me. I didn't get grandpa's guns till about 5 years ago, lol. Outstanding, your doing it right. About the same way I did my Son.

  • Nice.
    The range report will be interesting.
    Don't embarras me and the Colt too bad.

  • Took my son out yesterday to shoot the rifle. He's still a little scared of the recoil. He shot two round through it and hit the target both times, so it wasn't too bad. I think next time we'll head out to the desert where he can shoot some reactive targets like oranges. That should help him want to shoot it.

    I did shoot a mag through it myself and its for sure a 1 MOA rifle. Plenty good enough for coyotes and steel plates.

    Link for a video.

  • The picture link just goes to a picture.

  • @orkan try it now.

  • Works now.

    hahahah. I giggled as he broke cheek weld and looked off to the side as he pressed the trigger. Boy thought a whoopin was coming his way. lol Too cool.

  • Banned

    @norcal_in_az "let me see if I got it" very nice. Thanks for the post!

  • Lucky kid and great dad.Teach him how to shoot with it and respect it.

  • Funny this got bumped up. My son hasn't shot this rifle since then. I've been poking him to get out and do it. He says he wants to go hunt coyotes this spring. I told him he can't shoot those with his .22lr.

  • So its been a little over a year and he finally has taken a liking to this rifle. Took my son and his best friend out last week and took his AR. Well his friend isn't afraid of anything jumped behind it and shoot it. He told my son he was being a wuss and to shoot it. Well thats all it took, lol.

    Fast forward to today, I took just my son out so he could get some practice in and shoot some groups. I moved the target back to about 250 yards, but the wind played havoc on those little 55 grainers lol. He did hit it once out of 10 shots, though.

    Here's a video of him shooting the plate once we got the rifle zero'd.

    And a couple of pics.


  • Looks like he might just be hooked