closest flyover of a BUFF I have ever seen

  • I just missed the cell video of a lifetime.
    Westbound on I-20 from Jackson MS to Dallas TX today. Coming over a hill about the 25 mile marker I saw a B-52 climbing into the setting Sun and bank right. Then another. Getting closer, another. See the exit sign for Barksdale AFB and as I am going up over the overpass I look left, see the tower and then a fourth BUFF comes screaming at max throttle right over the trees to my left. I could see the blast shades drawn over the windows. Had the window down pumping my fist.
    Ahhh the smell.

  • Thats the smell and sound of freedom.

    I can hear freedom ringing outside my window right now. The joy's of living 5 miles from Luke AFB.

  • Super cool.

    Every time I'm in Sioux falls sd, one of the highlights of the trip is seeing and hearing the F16's give hell as they pull out of the airport one after another.

  • The nose down attitude of the B-52 as it is lifting off is unique.
    Smoke and noise and some serious flaps.
    A little forward pressure on the yoke gets the horizontal stabilizer in lift mode rather than pushing the tail down and hurting the overall effort to climb like in most commercial airliners.

  • Yea I use to be able to watch the Air Force do some training at one of my old jobs.

    I remember going through Indianapolis or some site that a way (maybe I don't remember haha) and see one of those huge cargo planes, a C17 I think, the one with the ginormous tail wings, that thing was massive, and lumbering slow.

    It's not uncommon to see Chinooks fly by either.