Lot-to-lot consistency

  • Thanks to IMR's lot-to-lot inconsistency, and my forgetfulness... I just spent the last hour banging on 300BLK rounds with my kinetic bullet puller. I loaded up 200rnds of 300BLK with a new 8lb jug of 4227. This lot number is considerably hotter than the lot number I was working with. I could possibly wait until winter temperatures and be OK, but I'd just as soon pull it down and do another load development session.

    This isn't anything new to me, but it's probably been 10 years since I forgot to check the characteristics on a new lot of powder. This just goes to show how important it is.


  • That sucks

  • How sore is your arm now? lol

  • @orkan

    Will you resize the brass before reloading them after pulling a bullet? The few times I pulled a couple I resized them because I figured there'd be some change in neck tension...but it was a couple here and there, not 200 pieces of primed brass.

  • I thought you had a puller?

    At least tell me you used a shell holder in the hammer and not that stupid collet thing that comes with it.

  • Mistakes while reloading isn't something I'm very seasoned with. This is the first time I've used this puller in many years for anything but 5 or so pieces. I could probably have got by with shooting them in the winter. @rhyno I used the little thing it comes with. I didn't think to use a shell holder. That woulda sped things up a lot. ;) As I said, I'm not very seasoned to this whole "screwing up" on the reloading bench thing. ;)

    @a_marks I plan to pull the decapping stem and run them through the sizer if necessary. I'm going to seat a few and see how they feel. If it's good, then I'll load them up and shoot them. :)

  • Do not use a shell holder with the hammer pullers. Those holdersfor the hammer are designed to keep the primer from getting set off. If you have a high primer a normal shell holder can set it off.

  • I have a CPS... I don't have high primers. ;)

  • @norcal_in_az I have a hard time believein that when the shell holders have holes for primers in them.

    Sure makes the pulling faster with that style of puller though.

  • I only use shell holders and have never had a problem with primers going off. I use a Hornady puller now. It is much easier, but is not always nice to the bullwts.

    Then again...I am using a CPS too. :)

  • @rhyno the way a shell holder holds a case it can pinch the primer. It's rare no doubt. But it can happen.


  • Feel your pain. I re-barreled both of my .308 and after shooting them with current load had to do some work. So far I have pulled 150 apart and reloaded. I have another 250 to go. I am using the hammer...