My turn to try some Center X

  • Finally got home off of the road and made myself get out and shoot after a 5 hour nap.
    I am usually only home for about 40 hours each weekend now since I am a regional extra board truck driver for a big freight company.
    I don't have an assigned run just an assigned 9 PM start time every Sunday Evening, I stay out until I get the miles I need to earn the money I want.
    Got home at Noon on Saturday. Hit the bed and got up at 6:30.
    The benefits of rimfire practice is that I can shoot out to 50 yards in my back yard with minimal set up.

    I had reread Orkan's Zero force firing position article and the grip article in the hotel room in West Palm Friday early AM before sleeping all day.
    Was trying to be more mindful of not putting off axis pressure on the rifle and have a straight pull with a proper grip.

    I has been a month since I shot last and it shows.
    Last target was with RWS R50 and I had purchased a brick of Lapua Center-X to see if it would come close to R50 performance at less cost.
    My results were promising but it showed once again that I am the weakest link,
    Ran 3 wet patches of Hoppes#9 through the bore followed by 3 dry patches and went to work.


    Fist cold bore shot was at the S to the left of the sighter bull. Zap, right in there. Shot 4 more into the sighter bull and they were slightly low and left of the X.
    Two clicks right and two up then 5 more shots in the sighter Bull. All shots fed from 10 round magazine.
    Too much cheek pressure on the stock caused the high 9 on Bull #1. Still experimenting on Bull #2.

    Practically zero cheek pressure and a complete rebuild of the firing position by adjusting both front and rear bags for Bull number #3.
    The rifle had perfect NPOA on the bench and I didn't manage to screw up the NPOA during the trigger pull produced this statistical anomaly.
    The best 5 shot group of my life. Still a bit low and right of center.


    That is such a tease. It will mock me for years until I can reproduce it more frequently. That is rimfire though.

    After 30 shots on the A23/5, I switched to one of Orkan's 20 shot half inch dot drills.


    It is actually much easier to see the crosshairs on this target than the A23/5.
    Top two rows I shot in less than two minutes. Way too fast.
    Rebuilt the bag position. Held low left on the dots for the last ten.
    Hot and humid in Central GA today.

    Lessons learned. SLOW DOWN. Rebuild position between each shot. The bag applies tension to the stock if I force it on target with the toe bag.
    This rifle likes a very light caress of cheek pressure. It is almost a free recoil rifle.
    So do I change the filler in the toe bag and get out the corn cobb media and replace it with heavy sand? It is a bit spongy feeling and has some bounce and give.
    Maybe plastic pellets for filler instead of sand or the corn cobb media.
    Set the rifle on top of the bag instead of nested down between the halves when moving quickly from target to target should prevent binding and the subsequent off axis recoil.
    Build a new bench better suited to the task or go prone. Had pressure across my chest from the edge of the bench.
    I have considered a slightly elevated 4'X8' pressure treated platform to throw my mat down on.

    Shooting is a use it or lose it skill.
    Taking a few weeks off shows.

  • Nice shooting, especially after such a long time off.

  • Sweet. Such a pretty stock. :)

    You are definitely latching on to what I've written. Your analysis shows critical thinking and you're gaining a better understanding of the technique. It's tough to get a 22lr shooting the centers out of those dots at 50yds... even if you are doing everything perfectly.

  • I cannot blame the gun, scope, or ammo.
    Preaching about quality equipment not being the limitation is the absolute truth.
    You cannot learn anything about yourself if you doubt the equipment you are using.
    The Cold Bore shot hitting POA on the S was a good sign. I think the CZ 452 is better than the 455 in that respect.
    Anschutz went to a threaded barrel in the new 54-30 action. No more clamps or pins like the 2013 or 1913 actions.
    CZ is still a sporter though and it is luck of the draw on accuracy with them.

    Going to pick up some Air Soft pellets to replace the squishy filler in the rabbit ear bag.

    Need to budget about $100 to build a decent bench or move forward past the crest of the little hill and go prone.
    I have room to move the target back to maintain 50 yards distance.
    Building a bench would be better since my wife doesn't like to get down near the bugs.

    Will try again after lunch Sunday with my AR just to see how the new trigger helps or doesn't.
    Will shoot the Appleseed AQT 11'X17" silhouettes for that if I can make the time.
    Hopefully I can do better with a sling from prone with some XM193.
    This was with the factory mill spec trigger and the old Burris 4X scope at 50 yards months ago.

    There was lots of sighting in that day.
    First shot ought to be within a half inch of POA next time with the Leupold VX-R and the Geissele.
    I got it pretty close back in late June but didn't take any pictures.

    That Zero Force Firing Position article had me in the right frame of mind to be able to analyse my performance even from a bench.
    I can see where the bench rest shooters need to use the lateral travel to move between targets rather than twist it in the rest by using pressure on the heel of the stock with the rear bag. Smooth straight recoil keeps it on target. I twisted it to get on Bull#4 and it shows.
    Should have prepositioned the entire front bag a fraction of an inch instead.