338 LM load identified

  • Found a good load for my 338 LM 28" DT - SAC Bartlein barrel.
    90.0 of Retumbo under 300 Berger OTM tactical, Lapua Brass CCI LRM primer. SD of 5.1 and ES of 11 over 7 shots. MV of 2699. A mild load for sure.

    Here are some 4 shot group from 300. Had about 20 mph 9 O'clock. Didn't adjust for wind just tried to be consistent.
    3 in one hole on the left target and 2 in one hole on the right target. Can't say I pulled any of them as mirage was strong as was the wind. Anyway, those are some of my better groups at 300 yards for any caliber.


  • I wouldn't consider that a "mild" load. I'd call that a realistic load. Ignore the people claiming 2800fps with 300's in their 338LM's. The best load is the one that shoots the best and exhibits zero pressure indications. 2700fps in a 28" tube is very respectable and is right in line with what I see when developing loads for a 338LM. They tend to be VERY stable when you don't step on the gas too much.

  • @orkan

    Completely agree. I did pressure testing all the way to 94.0 and never had anything but a slight ejector mark and no other visible signs but I stopped there. 92.0 was producing good groups at 100 and good numbers on the chrono, but I just felt that the accuracy should be sub .4 with my reloading ability, shooting ability and components.

    So, I really took some time to work on my own fundamentals because these magnums will exploit every weakness within NPA. Then, I started load development all over. I'm pretty happy as I am sure you can tell. 😁