Chrono upgrade...

  • Right now I am using the ProChrono digital and was considering a MagnetoSpeed, however I have a dilema. I want to use 1 chrono for rifle, for pellet rifle, for pistol, and for archery. Since I want to have just 1, the use of pistol and bows takes the MS out of consideration. So if I was looking for better accuracy, what other options would you guys recomments to upgrade to from what I have. BTW, the LabRadar Doppler is way out of my budget. Let me know.

  • Sadly, the rules you set forth eliminate all of the trusted candidates.

    The magnetospeed is the most affordably accurate chrono there is. The sporter model comes in shy of $200 and works just as well as it's full-featured sibling at reporting velocity. However it does not work for handguns or archery.

    The labradar is out of your budget, so the PVM-21 is also out of your budget.

    Were I you, I would separate my desires from my needs. Getting a spot on accurate muzzle velocity for your rifle is of paramount importance to predicting firing solutions at range. Velocities for handgun and archery are not nearly as important to be spot on precise. Get a magnetospeed for your rifle, and keep using what you are using for your other interests.