We are all marked men and women

  • http://insider.foxnews.com/2016/08/04/judge-andrew-napolitano-report-atf-stockpiling-gun-owner-info?ref=yfp

    Whoever started the phrase "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING" was onto something. The longer time goes on the more and more shit just keeps getting thicker and deeper.

  • I was always told they have no way of knowing anything short of whether I was buying a long gun or hand gun. According to this they know what everyone owns, how is that when I thought the dealer had to hold onto all background apps and did not send anything to the ATF unless he closed the store or went out of business.

  • Yep. Even if they don't do it because they are prohibited by law, a Fusion Center run by DHS or Northern Command can data mine your email, online comments, social media, browser or search history, phone records, electronic purchase debit or credit purchases to get a good picture of your habits down to what ammo you buy or guns you own.
    My CMP scores are reported online.
    Only shot one match this year due to work. NRA clubs post scores online too.

    They can use that to determine if you are a 20 yard blaster or something serious to consider if you do or say something stupid online.

    Yeah, we are marked.
    Act accordingly.
    Show no fear.
    We are still relatively Free.
    Enjoy your Free Time.

  • Honestly I just always assume the government know what I have.

    Heck once I heard a rumor that the biggest gun registery resides in the hands of the NRA.

  • The way the NRA acts half the time, nothing revealed about them would surprise me.

  • If you've ever read George Orwell's book 1984, it's downright eerie how much it resembles the way things are these days and continue to go.