A question for the collective minds...stock fitting

  • So I had a chance to handle a A3, A5, and A3-5 stock today. One great thing about McMillan being in your backyard, lol. Still haven't decided if I'm going to drop the coin for a McMillan, but I had a thought today while feeling up the stocks.

    Other than "feel" how do you know if a stock fits you? Is there a way to measure your wing span or something? Or it just simple as "feel"?

  • I'll be interested in the answer as well.

  • It's a good thing I mainly write articles as a means of information storage for myself... because it seems folks don't read my work anyway. ;)


    a. Length of Pull
    The first order of business is to address the length of pull on your stock. If you do not have an adjustable spacer system or recoil pad, then you may have to go with a stock pack or send your stock to TS Customs to get upgraded. In order to determine your correct length of pull, proper understanding of how to grip the rifle is needed. Reference this earlier article on that subject here. When proper grip is achieved, your firing arm should be bent at roughly a 45 degree angle at the elbow. Be certain of grip position and trigger finger placement. If you rotate your hand forward, you will reach farther and it will have the effect of "shortening" your perceived correct length of pull. Avoid this. The grip must be correct in order for you to properly determine whether you need a longer or shorter length of pull.

  • I am very forgetful. I read that a long time ago and probably forgot everything in it already.

  • @rhyno I resemble that remark.:laughing:

    Sometimes it's easier to learn something again than to try and remember.
    Note to self: try to remember Primal Rights has good articles that answer plenny questions.

  • Thanks Greg.

    Same deal here, I've read that article a few times and forgot all about that section.

  • @orkan
    I know this is an old tread. I read it several times and was looking for the full article. When you refer to rotating your hand forward, I think of twisting my wrist vs extending my arm forward and back. I think you refer to having the proper grip with arm extended and pulling your arm back palm up until the the rifle stops by contact with the lower part or your bicep at a 45 degree angle. Apologies if I got this wrong.

    I'd like to read the original article if you could tell me where it resides on your site.

    I read your article on grip several times and want to be sure I dial in the LOP correctly on my new acquisition.

    Speaking for myself, your articles DO get read. I think you'd be surprised how often.

  • http://www.primalrights.com/library/articles/precision-rifle-marksmanship-zero-force-firing-position

    Once the trigger finger is in the correct position, wherever your hand/wrist/arm end up is where they need to be.

  • I look at the picture in the article and your arm looks like it's in a perfect right angle, 90 degrees. Narrative says 45. Sorry to beat a dead......

  • at the elbow, it should be 90°.

  • Where does the 45 come in. Typo?

  • @martino1 The 45° is a trick for getting your space from the rifle before laying down.