223 Wylde Build

  • Looking to build a 223 Wylde on the AR platform. Looking for any and all suggestions as it relates to barrel length and twist rate.

    I am looking to simply have a bench toy on the AR platform that is a tack driver.


  • The wylde chamber is probably one of the most popular, if not the single most popular chamber to use in .223. I have a few of them, and they all perform quite well.

    If it's a bench toy as you say, then you'll want a 24" bull barrel. That will give you the weight and velocity to wring out it's capabilities. Stick with a 7 twist, that way you can shoot as heavy or as light a bullet as you want. That presents a problem with the standard "wylde" chambers however... as to get the most out of the rifle at distance (or even up close) you will tend to want to shoot heavier bullets. In order to do that effectively you'll want to have the throat set correctly for the longer pills. ... which in turn presents another problem, in that longer bullets seated out farther will not feed from the magazine.

    If you can tell me more about the distances you'll be shooting and the intended application... I can help cut through some of those decisions for you.

  • Yup a 24" bull barrel is great. However if you think you may ever want to use it in another way, I personally like a 20" HBAR barrel.

    Either way you'll have to make some trade offs like Orkan said.

  • @orkan I would say 90% of its use is going to be under 300 yards. Dont want to have feed issues so I guess the longer pills are out. Pretty much nothing but a fun gun for the bench to have family and friends enjoy plinking at 300 yards.

  • A standard chamber and a nice load with 52SMK's will do that nicely.

  • @orkan Forgive me for drawing a blank but can you shoot me the contact info for the young man that built my 8mm Rem Mag? For the life of me I can't find it in the thousands of emails I get :)

  • Travis! Disregard! Found the contact info!