Challenge Accepted

  • Yesterday evening I was in the barn feeding, watering, tending to animals when I heard Orkan shooting his .22 rifle. I thought for sure he was doing another Dot Drill, so I stuck my head out the door to see and to my surprise he's not shooting towards the target. I then thought he must be shooting some dirt to make sure he's gun is still "on" and just shrugged it off for the time being.


    I wrapped up my chores and walked up to him, asking what he's shooting at. He said "I'm shooting leaves off plants over there". I chuckled and thought to myself; I know he's an awesome shot but leaves off plants with a .22 with a bit of a 4-7mph wind, no way. So I challenged him "See those sunflowers over there about 50 yards out, shoot a sunflower off to "pick a flower" for our daughter." Of course he accepted and of course he succeeded with his first shot!


  • First shot too. ;)

  • @orkan Yup! My bad for not mentioning that.

    *edited post to add first shot success. Very important detail :)

  • One day when I make it across the pond, I will make it part of of my mission to visit you guys and learn how to pick flowers with my 22 :-)

  • Anytime! :)

  • Decided to challenge Orkan again :smiling_imp:

    The kids have misplaced the majority of their playing cards so instead of just throwing them away, I figured they'd make great target practice, hehe


  • Booo. I lose.

  • turn em sideways and cut em in half. That is something I intend to try when the center x comes in.

  • @dddoo7 said:

    turn em sideways and cut em in half. That is something I intend to try when the center x comes in.

    Hmmmm...sounds like a challenging endeavor.

  • The challenge before this, was from a couple days ago. Here's today's challenge :)


  • I wanted to get him in his crazy head... but the mirage was rough on me today. I wrecked his present though. :smiling_imp:

  • Banned

    My elevation was nuts on for a head shot, but ended up hitting the right side of the card. That wind was rough today. Dead calm and then WHOOSH! Pretty typical before it starts blowing 25mph+ around here.