Bushnell LRHSi 4.5-18x44mm

  • Bushnell_LRHSiLG-660x568.jpg

    Bushnell scopes have typically provided quite a bit of bang for their buck. This is especially true of the DMR scope. The ERS has been plagued by issues since it's release... but this new scope looks to be a nice addition.


    The new LRHSi 4.5-18x44mm riflescope is built specifically to give long-range hunters unparalleled accuracy. It features a first focal plane G2H-i mil-based illuminated reticle, which allows hunters to range targets at any magnification and easily make critical hold adjustments with .1 mil clicks. Plus, the low-profile, target-style elevation turret with RevLimiter zero stop allows shooters to quickly return to zero without dialing past.

  • 18 on the top end is a little low compared to some others in that class, and the 44mm objective is smaller. But it would save on size and weight for maybe a good scope for a DMR rifle or a hunting rifle.