308 Win, Varget & 175 Nosler CC workup

  • Yesterday I went to range with some different load work ups for my AR-10. I did an OCW test with Varget, Nosler 175CC's, new Hornady brass, and CCI LR200 primers, OAL was 2.82, at 100 yards. Started at 43.2 and worked up in .3 grain steps to 46.0. Found 2 nodes, first at 43.5, right at .768 MOA, second at 46.0, .801 MOA. About a month ago I tried the same thing with RL15, could not get better than 1.5 MOA. It seems my rifle doesn't like RL15.

    The 46.0 load I have the chrono data for, 5 shots, AVG 2694, SD 4.76, MIN 2687, MAX 2699 SPRD 12.

    From what other have said in different forums, the 46.0 load is to stiff for a gas gun. I'm planning to load up 25 of the 43.5, and shoot them at 200 yards and get some chrono data.

    Here is a photo of the 46.0 cases, I can see the ejector marks. The 45.7 load doesn't show any marks.


  • I would stay with the 43.5gr load. The lower node is almost always more stable.