An exercise in discipline

  • I'm obsessive about my concentration when I'm shooting. I do not let anything get between my brain and the target. It's a point of extreme pride and has taken over a decade of dedicated precision rifle shooting to attain.

    So I'm laying there shooting my 6.5CM... when all of a sudden I feel something tugging on my shirt... and swatting at me. I figured either one of my kids ninja'd up on me, or my wife was messing with me. It wasn't in my firing line, so it was ignored. About 10 minutes later I get this picture.


    It got off with a warning.

  • Banned


  • Look at the kitty!

  • I've had similar thing happen shooting trap.

    People have told me I'm rude because I don't say anything, like man I'm in the zone when I'm on the trap line and I don't come out of it until I'm done.