Lincoln NE ARA Match

  • I shot well enough to win the match so thought I would post the scores.

  • Congrats Wayne!!!!

    Feels good to be atop the totem pole!

  • Congratulations, that is terrific!!:smile:

  • Banned

    Excellent work Wayne :thumbsup:

  • For those that aren't familiar with ARA Competition... it's a benchrest sport with 22lr rimfires. It is extremely challenging. Wayne posted TWO separate 2400 scores, which is crazy good. ... and an aggregate of 2220pts, well that's good enough to win a LOT of events. 2500 is a perfect score.

    Here's an ARA target. It is shot at 50yds.


    It's scored WORST edge, so if the bullet breaks the line, you don't get the points! Wayne can certainly explain it better than I can, but suffice it to say if you can clean one of these things you're really putting it together.

  • Congratulations, Didn't know about this would have been fun to watch.

  • Thanks for the responses. I haven't been shooting very well for a couple of years. Don't know what the reason is. I switched to Lapua Midas+ and did well so I hope that is the answer.

  • Wayne you need to post a bunch of stuff in the rimfire section. I know a bunch of guys here would drool over some of your rifles. ;)

  • Well, your rifles make me drool, and his sound better...

  • @rhyno said:

    Well, your rifles make me drool, and his sound better...

    Well they are simply "different" than my rifles. Mine are all state-of-the-art type stuff, but Wayne's are a different kind of cool. There's something to be said for hand craftsmanship and that feel of old wood and steel. ;)

  • This is the riflle and rest I was using at the match.
    Greg, you're going to love the scope. It is a BSA 36X - $139.oo on sale. The rifle is a Rem 40X rebarreled by Hart in 2005. I turned the barrel to a .900 straight from a 1.250 to .975 dia. about 3 years ago . The bore expanded from .2165 to .217. The tuner was made by me. It is .250 longer than a standard Harrells tuner. Next month I will find out if it really shoots this good or was just a one time thing.

  • Sweet..:smile:

  • Sweet indeed, i think it would be awesome to be able to add a personal touch like that to any rifle.