Tactical Pouch experience?

  • Do any of you have any experience with a Tactical Advanced MOLLE Hipster Pouch or something similar.

    I'm curious how easy it is to carry fully packed. Is the conceal carry pocket easily accessible. And lastly, if you chose to carry this bag daily, would it be reasonably comfortable.

    I want to replace my current purse with something more practical yet still have a dedicated conceal carry pocket with other useful additions. So far this fits the bill. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

  • I don't own one, but two guys I work with do and carry them daily.

    I can comment on the concealed carry pouch now, and I'll see if I can put hands on it next time I'm in to get you more information.

    The pouch is easily accessible. It's located on the top of the bag on the body side. The way the bag is cut makes it ride in the 430-5 position, so reaching into the bag is almost the same movement as going for a kidney draw, or reaching for your wallet.

    I wish I could offer more help at this time. I'll be into work on Tuesday and hopefully will be able to take a look at it

  • @ragnarnar thanks I appreciate your help!