Spring Training

  • No, you won't need a truck.

  • | @dddoo7 said:
    |What activities are there in the area for the rest of the family to do while I am shooting?


    Most stuff here doesn't open until the end of May...typically around the time school starts getting out. The waterpark is May 28th (, Putters and Scoops, a mini golf place, ice cream parlor and they rent paddle boats and other flotation items for use in Ravine Lake, opens end of May as well ( There's disc golf down by Ravine Lake. If the family wanted to drive out to DeSmet they could check out Laura Ingalls Wilder homestead ( homestead. South of Mitchell is Dimock Dairy, they might be able to do a tour of the facility, Oahe Damn tours in Pierre ( There's a nifty little Discovery Museum in Pierre ( I don't know how old the kids are but there are some nice parks in town to play in. There's some artsy fartsy stuff that goes on through the Huron Theater.

    That's about all I can think of.

  • Well, wow...I thought I had missed this. I have never been to anything like this, although I've been thinking for a couple of months that I would like to get some instruction on LR shooting to improve my skills, and really, anything else I can learn about the sport. I don't know if I can swing the trip, but I'd like to keep it in mind.

  • @gash


    The kids will be 6, 4, and 1. Looks like some interesting things. We really like the Childrens/discovery museums here so that would probably be a good option. A dairy tour would be fun as well. I used to live in wisconsin (as a kid) and I can still taste the warm cheese curds fresh from the dairy.

  • Aberdeen is 2 hours away. They have a park called Wylie Park..full for fun stuff for the family

    Storybook Land is also part of it:

    Brookings is a little over an hour has another children's museum with lots of hands of activities for children of all ages

    Watertown - there's Bramble Park Zoo

    So while there's not a whole lot locally, there is some stuff around within a reasonable drive.

  • OK, I renamed this thread and cleaned up some posts a bit. Registration for this event is officially open. :)

    Read the original post for information/instructions and ask questions as they arise.

  • So.... what weekend in may is going to work for everyone?

  • The earlier the better for me, but we should only be in light field work so any should work.

  • @rhyno said:

    The earlier the better for me

    same here...but I think I can make any weekend work

  • Ok...I'm in. The check is in the mail. The only weekend that will be real difficult for me is May 27-28. Any other weekend is completely free.

    As many of you know...I am a preacher. I see it as very important to worship God on Sunday as He has commanded. I was going to miss the Sunday training because worship is that important to me...but Orkan came up with the Idea of having a worship service Sunday morning before we get started. We will have a short sermon using shooting related illustrations and comparing them to spiritual realities. A big thanks to Orkan for allowing this!!!

    I am really looking forward to meeting and shooting with all of you.

  • I've been trying to figure out how I can get this into my schedule. May is squarely in the middle of the school quarter, right before finals start.

    I don't think I'll be able to swing it this time. I'm still going to try but if not I'll get in on the next one, or I'll figure out when Greg is putting on a paid class and attend one of those.

  • Any weekend then I just need the exact date now so i can move my schedule around to be there, Check is in the mail

  • How many slots are taken Im thinking of bringing one other person. with me.
    Also ill be flying in from SLC/KOGD UT In our plane, and have 4 extra seats available if anyone want to join me.

  • Ok, we'll lock the date in for the weekend of may 13/14.

  • @kobe said:

    How many slots are taken Im thinking of bringing one other person. with me.

    Thus far there are only two that have said they are coming and check has been sent. I updated the original post in this thread with a list of requested/confirmed at the bottom.

  • OK Ill send out the check for 2 slots Ill be there.

  • @kobe said:

    OK Ill send out the check for 2 slots Ill be there.

    Be sure to send the name, address, phone number, and email addy for your +1 as well.

  • I'm in, Check will be in the mail tomorrow

  • Five spots left.

    @mamalukino I wanna see you at this thing. MAKE IT HAPPEN! :)

  • @orkan I'm in...will send you a check tomorrow!

  • @mamalukino

    I'm with orkan. Make it happen!!!

  • And another on the bandwagon.... Make it happen @mamalukino :sunglasses:

    No pressure or anything ;)

  • @orkan WIll do

  • If I flew into Omaha NE, how far of drive is that? Anyone coming that way and want to pick me up? I'd like to fly into Omaha, because that's where Southwest goes and I have points to use.

    I'm going to see if I can make this work.

  • @norcal_in_az

    I'll be coming through there and would pick you up...but I will have an already full car. We are renting through Expedia and have found the rates to be reasonable as long as the car is returned to the same place. Just make sure it has unlimited miles.

    Our van gets 20mpg. If I am going several thousand miles I can rent a car that gets 30mpg and it will pay for itself...and I don't have to worry about breakdown, tires, oil changes, etc.

  • @norcal_in_az said:

    If I flew into Omaha NE, how far of drive is that? Anyone coming that way and want to pick me up? I'd like to fly into Omaha, because that's where Southwest goes and I have points to use.

    I'm going to see if I can make this work.

    Well it's about an hour and a half to Huron from here, and about 3 hours to Omaha, so maybe 4/4.5 hour from Omaha to Huron, depending on what route, though I would bet you could speed it up a bit since you can take interstate 29 up to I90 into Mitchell then it's North on 37.

  • It's exactly 300 miles from Omaha to Huron. 4-4.5hrs if you keep the pedal to the metal. Kobe said he's got room in his plane... maybe you can fly to Salt Lake City where he is and grab a seat?

  • Thanks @orkan I'll look into that. Gotta talk to mama, just got home from being gone all week.

  • We've received 4 deposits, so that leaves 6 seats remaining.

  • How much is this coarse, i see the deposit amount, not the final amount. I am very interested in taking this class!

  • The deposit is refundable. If you show up, you get your check back. If you don't, I cash it and tax you for wasting a seat in my class.

  • I would love to do this. I looked into flights not a easy place to get to from Philly. I need to do some more research. To see what options I can come up with.


    There's some info on our local airport. Anyone flying in direct, we'll make sure you're picked up and what not. There's a hotel a couple blocks from the classroom called the Crossroads.

    When you're here, you can leave your rifle and kit at the classroom, as it's under video surveillance and armed guard 24/7.


    Sioux Falls is the closest larger airport.

  • Ok, so I am seriously considering this. I have a little bit of extra money coming from my part time job, but I won't get it until the end of Jan. I am covered as far as Mass since there is one in Spanish @ 7:30 pm on Sun. right there in Huron.

    @orkan My plan was to send a money order but not write anything on it. If I don't go you can write your name on it and cash it. The only 2 reasons I wouldn't make it once I commit, is a sick aunt in TX that got diagnosed with cancer on her throat, she has no family, so if she passes I'll need to go there. The other reason is my dad, he is also very frail. Otherwise, I'll show up and get the MO back and cash it and use the $$ for the hotel and trip back. I'd be driving there by the way. Would this work for you?

    I'll touch base at the end of Jan, and if there is space I'll sign up and send the MO.

  • We don't deal in money orders for anything. Our bank doesn't like them. Too easily forged. Personal or business checks are accepted, and as previously indicated, will not be deposited if you show up. Not showing up, costs you $500... I don't care if you're my best friend, worst enemy, or if you die. If you're not there, we take the $500. No exceptions. No discussion. No bullshit.

    Too many classes with too many empty seats due to people being unable to make long term commitments, and this is simply the only way around it. The old saying of "something given has no value" seems to hold true, as we are giving away $1000 worth of training and dining to each person that attends, and that commitment to be there is the only thing we ask during these pro bono training events. ... and my wife's cooking is worth about $900 of that. ;)

    Those who send a check for $500 are confirmed. Right now there are 4 of them, leaving 6 seats available. If there are any seats left at the end of Jan, I'll extend the invite to other forums as well and it will be full within 6hrs.

  • Fair enough. If I can make it and if there are still spots open, I'll sign up and send you a check around the end of Jan.

  • Well, I really thought I was going to be able to make it to this training and was super excited about it, but it's a no go for me. I told my wife about the training, I told her I had the $$, she was excited, then she asked, when is it...I told her..."so you are going to leave me for Mother's day weekend?" I tucked tail and whimper back to my office :disappointed: Oh well, maybe next time...

  • @ramirojpc

    It is just a day on the calendar. I plan to take my wife out to eat on another day...but many don't see it that way.

  • Can ya guess where I'll be spending Mother's Day ? .... In the kitchen cooking for all you fine folks showing up and loving every moment of it :smiley: Invite the wife along, she can help in the kitchen, while being "with" you on Mother's Day ;)

    I've come to realize Mother's Day and a lot the social norm holidays are over-rated anyways. Celebrating one another and all in your family daily is the best way to go!

  • Looks like I can fly into Sioux Falls and grab a vehicle and be there in about hour and a half to 2 hour drive. The one that must be obeyed gave the green light. All I have left to do is send my check. It will be sent Tuesday. Save me a spot please. I am looking forward to this not only for what I will learn and what can be done with this old worn out body but seeing some of South Dakota since I have never been there. I will also be interested in shipping kit for rifle.

  • Excellent. I'll reserve your spot and confirm when the check has been received.

  • @gash said:

    Can ya guess where I'll be spending Mother's Day ? .... In the kitchen cooking for all you fine folks showing up and loving every moment of it :smiley: Invite the wife along, she can help in the kitchen, while being "with" you on Mother's Day ;)

    I would love that, but my wife is very reserved and a serious introvert. She doesn't feel very comfortable spending long periods of time with people she doesn't know. One time I took her to the range with me when I was doing load development and 2 of my shooting buddies were there and even though I would sit with her during the down times on the range, she was very quiet to the point my buddies though she was upset or something :wink: We are total opposites, I love meeting new people and making new friends. I am going to ask one more time, but sometime after tomorrow, our 20 yr anniversary, and if that is the final no, then I won't push it. Hopefully she says yes. :pray:

  • She said Yes! So super excited. @orkan, please add my name to the list. I'll put the check in the mail no later than tomorrow. Also, I mentioned this to a friend that I shoot with and he is trying to figure out if he can make it as well, I should know in the next couple of days. Just a heads up for now, but if he confirms then I'll be bringing a +1.

    Is this the right address to send the check to?: 33 3rd St SE STE 101 Huron, SD 57350

  • Yes, that is the correct address.

  • 5 confirmed, 4 reserved... so things are getting tight here fellas.

    Seats are assigned in the order the deposits are received.

  • After much discussion with my wife and my work travel schedule filling up fast I'm not able to commit to being there. Really wish I could, but it's okay.

  • @orkan I sent you the check. Post office said it should be there Mon.

  • Seven seats confirmed. Three spots remaining.

    Just a reminder that we have @dddoo7 giving a short sermon service here at our facility sunday morning. Those of you that don't wish to participate, that is fine... but just understand that if you are not here for the safety brief that morning, you will not participate in live fire later that day.

  • And don't forget breakfast being served Saturday and Sunday. Folks tend to kick themselves in the butt for missing it ;)

    Full meal reminder:

    Saturday: breakfast, lunch & dinner will be provided.
    Sunday: breakfast & lunch will be provided

    If you happen to show up early on Friday, dinner will also be provided.

    Don't worry, we'll remind you again as it gets closer. ;)