Battery charger case for iPhone

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    I have an iPhone 5s and due to my jobs I am on my phone quite a bit throughout the day. About 9 months or so back I noticed that I could no longer go a whole day without charging my phone. This became an annoyance because of the amount of work I do on my phone I would always have to find a wall charger. Then I looked into battery cases and wanted to go that route because I am not always at a location with an outlet or having to be tied to that wall outlet. I tired out this battery case first and had terrible luck with it. The plastic around the front broke 3 times total. I glued it the first two times then it broke beyond repair. So I set out looking for another one. After reading reviews and looking at the different ones I settled on the Otter Box Resurgence and I have been very happy with it. I can go a whole day without having to use a wall charger unless I am really using my phone more than normal.

    Accessories you would want to get: This is very important because the cost to replace the iPhone glass is much more than the couple dollars you will spend on this glass because I never want to be looking for a cable and because it uses micro USB instead of your standard iPhone lightning cable. The case comes with one but if you need more than 1 headphone extension

    I have not tested the Otterbox 6/6s case but here it is if you have one and you can read the reviews
    Glass for it:

    I highly recommend Otterbox cases and the battery cases in particular.