Conceal Carry for any purse

  • I currently have a conceal carry purse, I was a bit sad when I had to give up my favorite purse for my conceal carry purse, but I did it. It looks like now, ladies don't have to give up their favorite purse in order to safely conceal carry. Here's a nifty insert that goes in most purses, it secures the gun and allows for easy access (providing the pocket you put it in is kept relatively clear):

  • Banned

    I have always been happy with the build quality and overall experience from my Crossbreed holster so I would really expect no different from anything else they make. I have seem several of their products over the years and have always been impressed.

    I carry a XDM and they aren't currently offered for that model on Amazon but here are a couple that are. What is nice is the shipping if fast. I remember my Crossbreed holster took some time to arrive when I ordered it from the manufacturer. But the ones below look like they are in stock and ready to ship.

    For Glocks

    For S&W M&P

    Link to all Crossbreeds on Amazon