Short Winchester/FN actions yay or nay?

  • MGW is selling take off used or unsold FN PBR SPR actions for $599.
    They also have the MCMILLAN stocks for about $400
    Is that a decent action for a build compared to a Remington 700?

    I also see lightly used FN PBR come up on auction sites cor around $600 in the POS Hogue stocks. Sometimes less. Watching one in 308 with a 22" barrel now.
    I have my Remington Sportsman 78 in 270W ready for a rebarrel and stock upgrade.
    Which would you do?

  • Wish I could help you, but I don't know anything about Winchester actions, or Winchester/FN actions.

    As far as the Remington I saw one cheap not to long ago and did some research on them, sounds like they are a R700, but just cheaper. Sounded like all the parts worked together, just they used cheaper wood and an ADL style blind magazine.

    But it was sold by the time I made it back, and I did not take a close look at it, at the time.

  • FN actions are usually good to go. The new push feed designs certainly aren't as good as the old CRF designs... but most will rate the new ones better than stock remingtons. Triggers and other accessories are harder to come by than for remingtons, but there's getting to be some basic selection.

  • A friend of mine had an FN that was built by GAP. He was happy with its performance, but then again he was selling it too. This was a couple of years ago.