Terror in Nice

  • http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2016-07-15/nice-bastille-day-attacks-live-blog/7631604

    Fucking Muslims again

    I wish I had something smart to say, but words fail me.
    I'm expecting it here too. It could have just as easily happened ten days ago here

  • Never forget that the French know a few things about cutting off heads on an industrial scale themselves.
    Old ways are seldom forgotten.
    Bastille Day is what got that started in the past.
    It may again.

  • Banned

    What a time to be alive. I've read that the driver was a 31 year old from Tunisia. I don't know anything about Tunisia, so I cannot speak intelligently about it. But what a time, on one side we have the height of technology, cloud computing, everyone walks around with a smart phone, advances in so many different areas, and the list goes on and on then we have animals who kill 80+ people with a truck, kill cops in America, kill 128 people in the Paris shooting, the shooting in Orlando, hundreds killed and thousands shot in Chicago every year and the list goes on and on. Then there is "outrage" about killing a gorilla or trannys having their own bathrooms, or whatever the cause du jour is. Depending what sites you read it is either the greatest time to be alive or it is quickly becoming a 3rd world shit hole infested with people that want to kill us and do us harm.

    If you point out the hypocrisy that it isn't the gun that caused it it is the animal behind the gun....you are a white privileged racist. If you point out that maybe we should really take a closer look at all the migrants and stop illegal immigration...you are a white privileged racist. So I've gotten to the point of not really caring anymore. It is tragic, all of it is, but because I know enough will not be enough until it is too late has given me a case of "who gives a fuck." What can one do to try to get involved or help with any of these situations? You can vote for who you think will attempt to make a difference but historically we have been let down. Short of that I am to the point where I have to take a more selfish approach. Spend less time worrying about those events that happen home and abroad, and spend more time focusing on what is right in front of me. Family and friends and trying to help create a better life for myself and them. Because that is all you really have. Sounds cliche but it is true. You can spend countless hours trying to debate the opposite side or you can use that time for something more productive.

    Knowing that people, like the ones you see in the videos below, exist and actually think this way shows me that there is no changing them or debating the dumb out of them.