$2 Million dollars in tax stamps in ONE DAY

  • http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2016/07/13/silencer-shop-sends-2m-worth-of-nfa-stamp-applications/


    This is the kind of thing that will bring pressure against the ATF to reform their idiotic system. If enough people demand freedom, we shall have it.

  • Wow, I bet the atf loses like half of them.

  • Isn't the government supposed to be going green?

    What a waste of resource.

  • That isn't even CLOSE to the "wasted resource" having all those examiners that are going to have to process all those goddamn idiotic documents to do the exact same NICS check as any other firearm.

    The true purpose of the form 4 collection is data mining.

  • @orkan data mining ? hmm remind me about this when we get to finally meet..id love to hear your take..

  • I received 2 stamps today. The money was taken out of my account on 6-28-16. exactly 300 days later I received the stamps.

    300 days! This is ridiculous! And these were filed almost a month before the 41P.

    BTW-- I didn't get any new toys with these stamps...just transferred existing toys into a trust.

  • I received my last 2 stamps the end of March it was right around 300 days since my money was spent. I have this picture in my mind of one person going through each one and rubber stamping. A private sector company would have been out of business with this type of turnaround. If you want to destroy something give it to the government.

  • Man 300 days! Makes me almost not want a can. I'm hopping to buy one later this year. But it sounds like I won't get it till next year.

    How does buying a can from an out of state dealer work? If I order a can from Primal Rights, does it have to ship to my local FFL class 3 or does Primal hold and ship directly to me once I have the stamp?

  • @norcal_in_az

    When you buy a can out of state...you pay for the can to the out of state dealer (primal rights). Then primal rights submits the form 3 which is a tax free form to transfer the suppressor to a dealer in your state. Form 3's in my experience have taken anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months. Usually about 5 weeks though. 3 months was unexpectedly long.

    Once the form 3 clears...the can is shipped to your dealer. When he receives it (in hand) then either you or your dealer will fill out and submit a form 4. The form 4 must have your dealers signature and info on it...but I like to fill them out myself to make sure that everything is correct. That also lets me know for sure that the form 4 is submitted and not sitting on my dealers desk for an extra 3 months. The form 4 requires a $200 tax to be paid when submitted. They will charge your card or cash your check usually within 24 hours of receiving the forms unless it is on a weekend.

    When the form 4 clears (last two of mine were 300 days) the atf mails a copy to your dealer who will give you a call and let you know that you can come pick up your can. In TN we also have to fill out a 4473 when picking up the can...but that may be state specific.

    If you decide today that you want a can and you pay for it today...it will probably be every bit of 12 months before you see the can.

  • @dddoo7 Thanks for the detailed info. Looks like I'll be waiting about 16 months then lol.

  • @norcal_in_az

    I have suppressors bought for guns I don't own yet. I plan to buy the barrel for the dta sometime in the next year and don't want to shoot 12 months or better unsuppressed.

  • @dddoo7 I figure I should be able to buy a can in August. I've shot 3 years on my 700 without a can. I figure another year won't kill me. I did make the mistake of shooting a canned .308 a few weeks ago. Man was it nice.

  • @norcal_in_az

    I have shot about 3 years with a can. I cannot imagine going back to shooting without one. I would still shoot...but would not enjoy it nearly as much.

    I have to warn you though...it is addictive. One can will not suffice. I have a folder full of form 4's...and I thought one or two cans would be plenty.