• How's this for cool:

    You toss it on the plate... and then paint!

  • That's the ticket. :smile:

    EDIT: After reading the following posts, I guess not.:frowning:

  • I made one of those, but it did not work as well as I thought it would. You need to pull it off the steel and clean the paint off every time or it will stick to whatever you leave it on. I was just going to let the paint dry and accumulate and didn't think it would hurt anything, but I only got to use it once because it was stuck where I laid it and came apart when I pulled it up.

    I use a piece of 6" pvc pipe to "mask" off for a center circle. I paint the center the color I want the circle...then stand up the 6" pvc and paint the rest of the target. It leaves a nice round circle in the center with no extra clean up.

  • Yeah... good point.

    I hate painting targets anyway. If you use small enough targets, they don't need to be painted. ;)

  • I just paint the middle orange, then lay a solo cup on the orange spot. Spray the black or white around it, pull up the cup.


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