History channel is garbage.

  • When the TV is on in my house, it's either watching a movie, or the kids watching their cartoons and learning programs. Recently I took a look at the history channel for the next couple weeks of programming.

    I used to watch the History channel constantly. Modern Marvels was one of my favorite shows. There were many other great shows on there as well. It is as if the continued downfall of society has tracked perfectly with the destruction of the history channel. There is nothing but idiotic shit on there now. Guys traveling around buying junk from people, guys building cars, guys talking about aliens, guys restoring junk. About 1% of the programming on the history channel has one damn thing to do with HISTORY! ... and every other TV channel is filled with more of the same shit.

    ... and the "prepper" shows!?!?!?! How many more of these fucking things can there actually be?

    The "reality tv" generation is firmly in control.

    Mark my words folks... we're screwed. There is no way a society this sick and twisted can sustain itself. The shows that they are playing, are obviously getting viewers. So that's a confirmation of sorts, of the kind of people out there. No one wants to learn a damn thing anymore.

  • Yea I use to love that channel it's shit now. Then they came out with a second history channel and played the old stuff, but now it's shit.

    I can't remember the last time I watched anything on it. I guess every now and then they'll have a good mini series but that's it.

  • I have not had tv programming in about 4 1/2 years now. We watch netflix when we watch which allows us to choose what and when we watch. I am not a big fan of reality shows and I don't have to watch the newest best thing out there...so it works well for us.

    As far as prepper shows...I have seen a few...but anyone who is willing to show their hand of cards on public tv is not a true prepper. those guys will be the first to be "raided" when a true shortage arises because everyone knows what they have in their basement/bunker.

  • Just like ddd007, I don't have tv programming and have not had it for years.
    Way back, my father used to call it the "idiot box" or the "boob tube". His take on it was that it was one of the greatest inventions of all times, one that could educate and inform, but it would not be used for that. Instead it will become a tool of control, to misinform and dumb down the population.
    Today all that is needed for people control is a 6 pack, a doobie and the boob tube.

  • Sounds like your father was spot on.

  • Banned

    @mamalukino Sounds like your Dad knew what he was talking about. I don't have TV service either as I can watch most of what I want online. That said when I do go somewhere or am in a waiting room that has TV I am shocked at how many commercials there are. Because I watch everything online there are either no commercials or a few very short ones. I don't know how anyone sits through them all. If you DVR everything then it would be watchable.

    Besides the rant about commercials, the History channel has fallen into the same thing every other channel has. Put out the most mind-numbing pointless shit and you will get viewers. Pawn Stars is a great example of the fake reality. I used to like it because I would get to see items I didn't know existed and the history behind them. But it is so scripted and the "characters" they have on there are just too terrible to watch. The masses don't watch Modern Marvels or anything educational because it is boring to them because they can't wrap their pointless minds around anything.

  • Since 1996 we have only had tv programming for about a 4 year period between 2001 and 2005; that was more than I could stomach. I have a large flat screen tv collecting dust here that we will watch the occasional movie on. Haven't done that in months though.
    For information, the internet provides truth if you know where to look and have a few trusted resources.
    To relax I read, I consider reading creative brain exercise. You can take black and white 2 dimensional images and create color, sounds and smells as well as emotional content from well written manuscripts.

  • The Smithsonian channel has some good stuff if you get it.

  • The outdoor channel Is apparently getting just as bad.

    I was excited to catch the new season of "Dropped" so I recorded it.

    They turned it into a freaking gameshow. What is this crap?!

    It went from a show about teo brothers and an extended hunting trup in Alaska, and now they have objectives, they have to find drops, and if they don't get to the drop (which contains all their equipment the first drop was like tent, raft, waders gps, binos. No paddles no rifles) they can't use the equipment for some stupid reason.

    What the crap.