GUN STUFF!!!! Gun stuff, and people.

  • Lately there has been a ton of political talk on here... and not much gun stuff. Granted, the political climate is as polarized and active as it's ever been, but we are still shooters are we not?

    A user commented to me how it's impossible for him to come here without getting pissed off. That's the same feeling I get when looking at news sites. It would be great if we could change that tempo a bit. I'm not saying we shouldn't post the politically charged stories we find... as information is key. We do need to know what the enemy is doing. However, we also should be shooting! I'd like to hear about what you're doing and HELP you guys. Though I can't help, unless a discussion is started. ;)

    The daily shooting challenge has been going great, but I'd like to see more people participating. With tens of thousands of people making post after post every single day on forums all across the internet, you'd swear that all anyone did is shoot. Go out there and recruit those active shooters, and get them over here! The features of this site are self evident for people that are truly into shooting.