Odin Ascends

  • Sometimes you just need to stomp on something... HARD. That is why I have Odin. Odin is my DT HTI. When you press the trigger on a 352gr bullet with a G7 BC of .410 from a TS Customs 34" 375CT barrel, anything on the receiving end had better be heavily anchored.

    I've owned several ELR rifles over the years. In my mind, nothing else on the market compares to the ELR capability of a DT HTI with TS Customs conversion.



    3 shots at 300yds. 1/3MOA. They stomped the target hard. The impact bent the free-swinging 3/8" AR500 plate and took some chunks out of it. Two of the 3 landed within 1/3 of an inch of each other. The other fell right slightly. These were shots 5, 6, and 7 from this barrel. I'm going to be having fun, yes I am.

    With my factory DT barrel, I was able to shoot these plates at this distance without damaging them. I'm getting another 150fps from this barrel, and it shows! The crops are in around here, so I don't have any far steel out... but soon I'll have to find some distance.

  • Man I can't believe how compact that is wow!

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  • wow...that is screaming.

    I am guessing barrel life is going to be in the 1000-1500 range?

    Then again 1000-1500 rounds of cheytec are a lot of rounds.

    Have you ever considered shooting a coyote with that thing just to see what would happen?

  • @dddoo7 said:

    Have you ever considered shooting a coyote with that thing just to see what would happen?

    Yes. :)

    Sadly, I pretty much know what will happen. It will pop a hole through him, and he'll probably even run off a bit before dying.

  • Does berger make a hunting bullet that can handle those velocities?

    Are those solid copper bullets you are currently shooting?

  • Look at that S-D wowď

  • @dddoo7 said:

    Does berger make a hunting bullet that can handle those velocities?

    Are those solid copper bullets you are currently shooting?

    They are a bronze alloy solid. Berger recently tested some 375 bullets at the "king of 2 miles" event, and their shooters put a whoopin on everyone. However, there is no certain news whether those bullets will ever be made available to the public. In the mean time Cutting Edge sure does seem to have a lock on how to make these big bullets. If memory serves, those bullets were solids as well. I'd love to see a big jacketed high-bc bullet that hammered big game.

    @rhyno said:

    Look at that S-D wowď

    I only fired those 3 rounds, so I would guess it would be a little wider than that. However it is worth noting that big cartridges tend to have much lower ES/SD than small cartridges. The reason being that small differences in case uniformity aren't as big of a deal. If you're off on powder charge by .1gr on a .223... it can be a big deal. If you're off by .1 on a 375CT with 130gr of powder... it's significantly less of a problem. ;) Same is true for brass uniformity and such.

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    @orkan said:



  • @orkan Outstanding!
    Would you post your load data? I purchased the same 34" barrel you're using, but haven't started loading for it yet. Still developing loads for my factory barrel.

  • 352gr MTAC (cutting edge) seated to the gas check.
    Jamison double star brass
    131gr Retumbo
    Fed215M primer

    You should hang that factory barrel up. This thing shoots SO much better than my factory barrel did, and it's way faster to boot!

  • @orkan Thanks Greg! I have virgin Bertram Brass, which I believe has a slightly larger case capacity. I don't know if that will affect my loads as you pointed out elsewhere, but I'll let you know how it shoots.
    I just discovered a 1000 yard range within an hours drive, it's on 90 acres of private property. The owner is a Vietnam era marine who has set up steel target all over the hill sides, at various distances. He charges $20 to shoot all day. Too good to be true for those of us stuck in Southern California. Prior to this I was limited to 100 yards, which didn't allow proper load development for the .375 CT.

  • 352gr Cutting Edge MTAC next to a loaded 308win.


  • Wow. Your shooting like a 223 loaded round each time.

  • @orkan Are you seating your primers for this cartridge with the CPS?
    I haven't located a case holder yet so I'm using a 505 Gibbs holder in my RCBS seater.

  • @wbc

    Sinclair has one for 408 CT. I may be wrong...but I assume they would use the same shell holder. It is the one at the very bottom...but make sure it will work for 375 before you order it because I don't know for sure.


  • @dddoo7 I believe you're correct, the .375 is a necked down .408
    Don't know how I missed that. Thank you!

  • Yup the one @dddoo7 linked is the one I'm using in my CPS. Sinclair 408CT. :)

    Those sinclair shell holders are pretty nice. Much nicer than the Lee usually.