Shipping a rifle

  • I've never shipped a rifle before, any tips?

    I have a cheap Planolin case, I was going to put it in there, and throw a couple padlocks on it, then find some cardboard and wrap it in that.

    Gonna look cheap as crap but that was my only idea.

    I guess the plus side is that if it looks crappy people probably won't suspect there's a firearm in it.

  • If I need to ship, will send a rifle via USPS. The regulations concerning firearms are on their website.
    FedEx and UPS ground may work better for you, being part of the contiguous 48 states, for me to ship via those guys is ridiculously expensive.
    Your packing sounds fine.
    Unless things have changed recently, you can ship a rifle to yourself without going through a FFL.

  • Plastic case with plenty of stuffing to keep the rifle from sliding around. Especially the muzzle end - they like to pop through boxes if dropped. Packing tape over the latches and zip-ties through the pad lock holes. Stuff it all in a box and send away.

  • I put my nice rifles in a pelican case to ship them and put 4 padlocks in the holes. I tape all of the latches and the locks with duct tape.

    If you ship in a case in a box...then I would also put a shipping label on the case inside the box in case the box is compromised.

    I use fedex for shipping rifles. In the 48 it is usually cheaper than USPS.

    Fedex requires that it be shipped to an FFL, but the majority of the time the law requires that as well. They actually looked up the ffl to verify that their ffl was in date. I had to ship with a copy of his ffl and a copy of my drivers license.

  • I know its expensive, but the most secure way to ship is overnight or two day air. Less time in the shipping companies hands to loose it.

  • @norcal_in_az yea, but if it cost more then a tank of gas or so it's cheaper to just drive it there for me.

    Which hasn't been ruled out, I just don't know what I'll be working.