Independence Day!

  • A good day for family, friends, and reflection on what this country used to be like!

    What's everyone doing today? We're going to shoot stuff, work on projects, eat good food, and just enjoy life.

  • This stuff is awesome. 1lb of tannerite makes the largest mortar fireworks you can buy seem like little wussy toys. There are some big booms coming from our place today. We're going to let the FOUNDERS hear us! :)


  • I like tannerite and always try to keep some on hand.

    We went to Discovery Park of America in union city, tn this morning. If you are ever close it is worth your time.

    This evening we saw the local city fireworks. Good day with the family. Dodged rain showers all day, but still a good day.

  • Banned

    This was the first time I actually saw Tannerite in person. I've watched a lot of videos with it but never used it. If you haven't shot at it or been around it it is worth checking out. There are a couple of different companies that sell it around us...some better than others. I will have to look up the name of the one that I liked the best.

    Besides that I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th. On the drive home I got to thinking what it must have been like those 240 years ago. The original Brexit (or one of them at least)