Lapua Brass at Cabels

  • If any of you need 308 Lapua brass, check your local Cabelas. I just picked up a box for $76. I used my Cabela points and got it even cheaper.

    So no more Federal brass for me.

  • I picked up another box of brass today so I now have 200 pieces of the same batch.

    I also looked online, Cabela's does have it for sale there too.

  • Cabelas used to be a go to source here because of their $5.00 and free shipping sales.
    Now they are restricting some projectiles from shipping to Hawaii and Alaska.

    Recently all my boolitz have come from Precision Reloading and the shipping has been fast as well as reasonably priced.

  • I believe the cableas was bought by the same ones that own bass pro. Maybe just a rumor. I used to buy .22 ammo from cableas but prices have gotten too high.