Anyone have one of these targets?

  • I like it. It'd be nice for when they get all dirtied up and it's hard to tell where you're hitting.

  • That, looks like something I didn't know I needed until now, that's pretty ingenious.

  • That would be very handy. Immediate feedback as to where you hit.

    My torso target is hanging by chains...and I get a slight indication of left or right based on which way it twists...but it might be 2" right of center or all the way at the edge of the plate.

  • I have one like it we color the 4 outer sections different colors and use it to play a game we call Simon says. First shooter calls the shoot if I they hit everyone else has to hit it or they are out. Ours is built a bit diff I'll try to get pics of it up soon!

    alt text

  • You sell that target Kobe?

  • Nope just shoot it! -edited by admin-

  • Cool. It's a unique target.

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