Steiner ICS

  • I'm going to be keeping an eye on this. Lots of potential there. 6X is a fantastic fixed magnification. I ran one coyote hunting for several years.

  • Looks like a smaller more improved Burris Eliminator?


  • That's what it seems to me. The housing and mount looks to be an exact clone of elcan, and considering the price point... I'd be surprised if there wasn't some connection there. Licensing or flat out manufacturing.

  • They keep making it easier and easier to shoot stuff.

  • The thing is, it's already really easy to shoot stuff at distances which tech like that works. If you run the numbers on a 600yd firing solution for most cartridges, you'll see that the numbers don't change much even in temperature extremes. This is obviously quite dependent upon cartridge choice, as a 308 is going to show more environmentally induced variance than a 7LRM. Even the lowly 308 isn't affected much in those short ranges. It doesn't take much to throw a drop chart inside your scope cap and you can effectively accomplish about the same thing as these units do.

    There is a utility in knowing the exact range at the push of a button though. That is super handy when a guy is out hunting. When combined with 6x magnification, you'll need a larger sized target, such as a deer or something to make the system work to its potential. A coyote looks pretty small at 500yds on 6x, and there's no telling if it will actually work at those ranges on a target such as that. Time will tell!