Kaboom at Hornady Plant

  • http://www.theindependent.com/news/local/hornady-president-maintains-weekend-incident-was-a-fire-not-an/article_e8ad4d86-376c-11e6-833c-b3bb077ae095.html

    Hornady said Monday that the incident was not an explosion.
    “There was no explosion. There was a fire,” he said. “There’s a big difference.”

    I'm not an expert in such things, but if someone asked me to identify what happened, I would say "It was an explosion."

    A "fire" doesn't tend to throw a shipping container out into the street.


  • That'll be one expensive "fire", guess that's why you don't bring your 4th of July fireworks to work when you work at Hornady :joy:

  • Never even heard about this.

    Though I tend to agree it wasn't an explosions, since it was powder that was in the container, and powder doesn't explode (black powder does and that's why it's hard to get

    If the rear doors burst open, I would think depending on how big the fire was it could generate enough thrust to move the container.

    I bet they'll do something to make the powder inert in the future.

    And I would guess static was the cause.

  • I have no patience for semantics.

    If your car tire is over-inflated, the "pressure release" is typically referred to as an EXPLOSION.

  • @orkan considering that semantics here is playing a role in how easily we get to access powder, I do have patience for it.

  • If they are throwing away that much powder maybe I need to get a job cleaning out the machines at Hornady. Looked like several hundred pounds of powder in that shipping container.

  • @rhyno said:

    @orkan considering that semantics here is playing a role in how easily we get to access powder.

    How, exactly? Hornady doesn't produce powder. They don't even sell powder. They use it to make ammo. That's it. Companies that do manufacture or buy/sell powder tend to move through their inventory quickly, and aren't storing the stuff outside in shipping containers for any significant length of time. The pallet ride on a semi for a few days is the worst of it, and then most of it gets stuck on shelves in a climate controlled place.

    Even if they did sell powder, using clever plays on words and calling it something other than what it was is a trademark of the LEFT. Deception is one of their tools... not ours. If hornady is not doing things correctly, and that led to this, then they should take responsibility for it and make the necessary adjustments. Read that article in it's entirety. The rest of the statements are far more condemning. They have no clue, and said so half a dozen times. That isn't accountability, and the locals will burn them for it.

    Hornady is not completely sure why the powder burned. But the fire was probably related to the recent weather, which has been “extremely hot,” he said.
    “We don’t know how warm it got inside that container. And we don’t know if there was something else in there” that led to spontaneous combustion, Hornady said.
    One possible material might have been wood pallets the powder was sitting on, he said. “But that’s our speculation.”

    It is known by anyone that has one lick of sense that powder breaks down faster when it's hot than when it's cold. This is well documented. When it breaks down, it becomes unstable... and will spontaneously ignite. Locking hundreds or thousands of pounds of powder inside a non-vented shipping container in 100+ degree temperatures is probably not a very good idea. It is considerably less of a good idea when you are in an urban area.


    c. During the period 1984 through 1997, seven propellant auto ignition events occurred at U. S. Army Material Command (AMC) Installations.

    1. 1984: Lake City AAP

    IMR powder that was only 5 years old auto ignited and the above round magazine and its contents were destroyed. More than 100,000 lbs of powder deflagrated.

    1. 1984: Lake City AAP

    The same lot of IMR powder, a fragment quantity isolated and saved for critical production testing, auto ignited two months after the previous fire. Only a small quantity of powder was lost, but another magazine was destroyed.

    1. 1985: Blue Grass Army Depot

    The local-stocks storage magazine use for demilitarization activities contained high explosives material as well as unmonitored M10 propellant powder. Auto ignition of the powder and its resulting deflagration gradually ignited the other energetic materials present. The earth covered magazine and its contents were destroyed.

    1. 1987: Lone Star AAP

    Benite was stored in a heated magazine so that it could be temperature conditioned prior to loading into production items. The building became overheated which accelerated the rate of decomposition of the benite to a point that auto ignition occurred. The structure and contents were lost.

    1. 1989: Hawthorne Army Depot

    8-inch, 55-caliber propelling charges loaded with single-base propellant auto ignited in an earth-covered magazine more than one year after the Navy ordered the lot destroyed due to low stability. The magazine contents of 30,715 lbs of various propellant were destroyed and the magazine was heavily damaged.

    6: 1996: Red River Army Depot

    Explusion charge assemblies for large caliber artillery rounds, each charge filled with only one ounce of M10 propellant and stored 250 to a box, auto ignited. The earth covered magazine and its contents were totally destroyed.

    1. 1997: Hawthorne Army Depot

    M9 flake propellant bags that had been removed from 81 mm mortar round were bulk-packed and placed into long-term storage. A container of unstable propellant auto ignited, and all 20,000 lbs of propellant inside the earth covered magazine were destroyed. The magazine was severely damaged. Value of content lost was more than $3,000,000, which the cost to repair the magazine was $164,000.

  • @orkan how? Because you just said that the differnce between a Burn and an explosion is Semantics.

    It's not, and at one time I could tell you the differnce, but I can't know.

    What I do know, is that if any left wing jackass saw this they would use it to try and get smokeless powder classified as an explosive, which would make it harder to buy ammunition, and harder to reload.

    I'm sure they've tried it in the past.

    I'm honestly a little bit shocked how you don't see the dangers of what your saying here.

  • The threat from the leftists is always present. They can ONLY be dealt with if we are righteous. If we are not righteous, then they can achieve victory.

    I do understand your point, in that they will use anything they can against Hornady and against us. I do indeed. Though I do not think the correct response is to play word games, and fire up a spin machine. I think the correct way is the way of honorable men. To take complete responsibility, and ensure that it never happens again.

    I did NOT say the difference between burn and explosion is semantics. I'm saying Hornady is using semantics in this instance, because an 8,000lb shipping container landed in the street, and it didn't BURN its way there. Whether it be by pressure release and a "jet" effect, or by explosion, it was dangerous. Dangerous things happen with powder and primers due to negligence, ignorance, or both.

    Hornady letting this happen is dangerous for shooters. If shooters try to downplay the event, it WILL bite us in the ass. Truth and responsibility are the only things we preach... so what do you suppose will happen to our credibility if we don't hold one of our own accountable? If they want to say it was a "fire," that is not a completely true statement. It may have started out as a fire, but once enough pressure builds, and that pressure is subsequently released quickly, sending 8000lbs of shipping container and all manner of debris all over the place, what you have then is NOT a fire. What you have then is an explosion, the very definition there of.



    Inconvenient perhaps, but the truth has no patience for bullshit. Downplaying or outright lying about something that happened is the signature move of the left. I will not embrace it when it serves us and abhor it when it doesn't. I will despise it always. The anti's will be attacking hornady, and playing games with words is not going to serve them well.