Mossberg 44US

  • I was wondering if anyone had experience with these rimfires? I know they were used by the military for training at the same time the 40x and win 52's were being used. Are they of similar quality or is their quality in line with the prices?

    I have seen some drill and tap them for weaver bases. Is that something that most any smith can do or is it custom made?

  • I've handled 2 of them. Both were pretty crappy. I looked into them once upon a time, and found that while they were produced around the same time as the 40x, they aren't even close to the quality.

    Winchester 52D's are the "next best" to the 40x that you'll find when looking that era of 22lr. Right after that comes the Kimber 82's. If you get a good Anschutz specimen, they are good as well.

    None hold a candle to my 40X repeater.