The Brexit happened today

  • I haven't followed this at all, but it looks like Britain will be leaving the EU.

    I would expect stocks to fall tomorrow.

  • They're still counting the votes, but as day breaks in London the "leave" votes are ahead by 4%.
    DOW Futures are down by 600+, Gold is up by $65+ per ounce. This panic will settle down once the shock subsides.
    This is a huge blow to the globalists. The UK had no say in their own immigration policies, unelected individuals in Brussels dictated this and imposed other laws that the EU members had to implement. The British voters have rejected this loss of control and want their country back. Sound familiar?
    I can only hope...

  • Actually I was listening to a British guy who compared it exactly to the American Revolution and I kind of laughed.

    But that did seem to be one of the big issues that the people if they didn't like anything couldn't do anything about it.

  • Anything that kicks the globalist shitheads in the crotch good and hard, I'm all for.

  • Lawmakers in Britain are calling for Parliament to reverse the leave vote.

    Let me add that most of the research I've done (which isn't a lot mind you) point that part of the reason why the citizens of the UK wanted to leave the EU was because they (the citizens) had no voice in the EU and that if the EU wanted to do something the citizenry s couldn't do anything about it.

    There was also fear that the EU is pushing towards an EU army, and centralized Bank.

    But now the citizens are finding that they don't have a voice in the EU but also don't have a voice in their own Country!

    Not to mention the stay campaign, the people who lost, have a petition to have another vote, which I am sure they would have done if they won.

  • Brexit: Global trigger event, fake out or something else?

    The Brexit matters to the rest of the world including the U.S. because of the brilliantly-destructive program of interdependency and globalism that has shaped our financial house for decades. Interdependency leads to extreme economic weakness because no piece of the global system has the tools to survive without the other pieces; and on top of this, when one part of the machine goes down, all the other parts are affected.

    It is a truly horrible and seemingly idiotic system; but not so idiotic if you accept the reality that it is deliberately engineered to fail.

  • Mutually Assured Economic Destruction.

  • The Man Behind the Brexit Movement, Nigel Farage

    Watch the video, the truth spoken.

    “Now I know that virtually none of you have ever done a proper job in your lives… or worked in business, or worked in trade, or indeed ever created a job.”