6BR AICS Conversion Kits Now Available

  • http://www.primalrights.com/equipment/6br-aics-conversion

    The 6BR AICS Magazine Conversion was designed to address the need for reliable feeding of short standard bolt face cartridges such as the If you have ever tried to run 6BR out of a standard un-modified AICS magazine, you were probably met with the same disappointment the rest of us were. Very unreliable feeding. This conversion is a collaboration between Primal Rights, Inc and TS Customs. Travis Stevens of TS Customs is a very accomplished PRS competitor, and has been using the small 6MM cartridges with great success for the last several years. This conversion has helped him to ensure 100% reliable feeding with the cartridges of his choice.

    The 6BR AICS conversion has been tested extensively with 6BR, 6.5 Grendel, 6 Dasher, and 6BRX. Thousands of rounds of trouble free operation have been seen with these cartridges when using our modification. There are several other cartridges that will benefit from the use of these conversions as well, though those have not been tested as thoroughly.

  • Was wondering if you would sell these after seeing them somewhere else on this site.

  • They work too well not to let people have them. ;)

  • Looks like a nice solution!

  • Sounds like you've already sold some, and I see people are already botching about the price.

  • @rhyno said:

    Sounds like you've already sold some, and I see people are already botching about the price.

    lol... yeah. 10 years. That's about how long people have been trying to come up with a solution for this. 10 years.

    Travis and I decided to do it, and did it in short order. We've had people testing these for nearly 4 months. If it's not worth it to folks, they don't need to buy one. We don't have very many anyway... so we'll be sold out right about the time they figure out it's a steal.

  • I've really been enjoying this 6BR!

    I had to clean it again today. Boy that folding stock comes in handy. Now if I can just remember to do that BEFORE I grab the 3/16 hex to remove the cheek piece.... ;)

    Then obviously I need to shoot it so I can confirm the zero didn't shift...

    I started sweating just looking out the window.

    Accepting defeat is not an option. I NEVER put a whistle clean rifle on the rack. You just never know if those first shots are going to go where they belong unless you check. This heat belongs about 500 miles south of here. Total bullshit that we have to endure -40f in the winter and anything above 80f in the summer. This 100f shit is unwelcome.

    I lay down and get the 100yd target in my view, and notice something moving immediately beneath the target in the grass. I rack a round into the chamber, and track the moving grass. Oh! Hello Gopher! A dumb little stripe gopher picked the wrong time to be checking out my target area. Turns out the first round out of this rifle is dead on the money. Has been the last couple times I cleaned as well. I LOVE that behavior in a rifle. I stuck the first one in this guy's head, and put the next two on a dot.



    Ugh... it has to be downright miserable to keep me out from behind a rifle... and today qualifies. My joy melted like the wicked witch of the west when that sun hit me. The concrete has been in the shade for several hours and you could still cook an egg on it.

    Old man winter can come calling anytime he wants. I'm good with it.

  • Nice shooting, didn't get quite as hot here but I'm not shooting til it cools down a bit.

    In that crap all day, had to dig out a Pivot to start the day, drank 4 gallons of water and am still dehydrated.

    I hate hot, can't wait for winter.

  • That's Phoenix temps! Lol

  • But is it a dry heat?

  • Uhhh No.

    I step outside and my sunglasses fog over. ... just like coming inside in the winter.

  • @orkan said:

    Uhhh No.

    I step outside and my sunglasses fog over. ... just like coming inside in the winter.

    Not too comfortable, I presume..LOL:laughing: