Rimfire vs Air Rifle - Complete Fail

  • I have no idea what the point of even putting out a video series like this one is. They use some junk equipment, and the some of the worst ammo you can find.

    Once upon a time I bought a PCP air rifle. Before hand, I asked around and did quite a lot of research. All said the benjamin marauder was the one to get. So I got one and a bunch of different pellets and all manner of pumps and accessories for it. Best groups I could get out of the thing were about 1.25" at 50yds. When you're used to the kinds of 22LR's I shoot, that is a huge let down. I'm willing to bet there are better air rifles out there which will do better, but I haven't devoted any time to it since.

  • I wouldn't mind competing with these guys :)

    I am disappointed if the bullet doesn't land in the 1/2" dot at 50. 2" would be no contest.

  • I just don't get it. Do they not realize the disservice they are doing people by being this incompetent when putting out a "versus" video? People will watch this and honestly believe that is all the better a 22lr can do.

  • I think they both suck at shooting. Why hold the forearm when there is a rest available? I can out shoot those clowns even with my shakes and using crap. 22 as well as a Daisy 880.

  • I am shooting better than that open sighted at 50 yards. or at least equal to it

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    BULK PACK!?!?!