Understanding the Campaign to Destabilize the United States

  • Understanding the Campaign to Destabilize the United States

    What people that think this way fail to recognize is that upon the assassination of John F. Kennedy, our two-party system ended. Eisenhower warned us this would happen, he even told us who would take advantage of it (“the Military-Industrial Complex”). Fascists or what we now call “Globalists” are slightly more accurate labels for the “Military-Industrial Complex” that Eisenhower referred to, but in either case he was warning us that our nation’s power structure had been infiltrated by very bad men who would achieve total control of our nation in time. We failed to listen.


  • I read through all of that. Took a while... but I can't find anything that I completely disagree with. I've looked at that "big picture" for quite a while now. Right about the time I stopped trying to "convert" libtards, and started viewing them as the infectious parasites they are.

  • They are the enemy.
    They want absolute uncontested control.
    That is tyranny.
    That is War against Freedom and each individual.

    Google Foco Theory of violent Revolution.
    Lynch is among the Vanguard that control the Revolution.