Are All Anti-Gun Politicians Corrupt?

  • "Let me paint with a broader brush for a minute. Some 25 anti-rights mayors in Michael Bloomberg’s group Mayors Against Illegal Guns have been charged with crimes. The majority of those charged were convicted, though some convictions remain open on appeal. In contrast, Barack Obama was never charged for selling two thousand illegal guns to Mexican drug gangs. Hillary Clinton took millions of dollars in foreign bribes. Clinton also called the NRA the political enemy of which she is most proud. Clinton is currently under investigation by the FBI for security violations while Secretary of State."

    99% of the Lawyers make the rest look bad.


  • @mamalukino said:

    "are all anti-gun politicians corrupt?"


  • By restricting private gun ownership, you concentrate power into a small group of rulers and their minions.

    That is inherently evil and corrupt.

  • All anti gun poloticians are corrupt. Reason: they do not believe in the constitution on which our country is founded. If they are willing to compromise on the constitution...what else will they compromise?

  • All politicians are corrupt.

  • @rhyno said:

    All politicians are corrupt.


    You cannot by reason change the ill opinion of a man, which by reason was not obtained.


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