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  • Colonel Fred Dibella, a 1969 West Point graduate, tells it like it is in the piece below. Hard to believe we are where we are today in our military. Would you send your son or daughter to serve in this embarrassing charade? Mr. Soetoro has done in seven years what no other country or military force has been able to do to our military in 240 years – and he has done it without firing a shot. And we have allowed him to do it – to our forever lasting shame.

    Secretary of the Army Directive to Worldwide Army Commands: "Balance Lactation Support and Readiness"

    Commentary by COL (Ret) Fred Dibella, USMA Class of '69 and former TAC of Company F2 at West Point:

    "Ok, I've had all I can stomach. I'm done."

    Obama and his lackeys have now systematically laid the groundwork to accomplish what no battlefield enemy has ever done; that is, to emasculate the United States Military. I honestly don't know how he could have done it more effectively. He's dangerously downsized the force; he's rooted out warriors like Stan McChrystal and Carter Ham from the General and Flag Officer ranks and installed puppets like George Casey and Martin Dempsey; he not only obliterated 'Don't ask, Don't tell'; he searched long and hard to find an openly gay (and utterly unqualified) man to be Sec Army; he opened not just combat arms to women, but the absolute tips of the spear in Infantry, Armor and Artillery, and the predictable result is directives like "balance lactation support and readiness?"

    Seriously? SERIOUSLY??? Balance lactation support and readiness!?
    Sorry, I'm old school, but I THOUGHT READINESS WAS NEVER, EVER COMPROMISED….let alone for "lactation support".

    Have we gone completely mad?!? Do you think for a moment that the greatest fighting force the planet has ever known is immune to emasculation? That there's nothing that Obama can do to significantly degrade its lethality? That somehow we will magically prevail, despite all this ****?

    Here's the blunt truth, and if you think this flies in the face of political correctness and/or liberal theology…..congratulations.

    The most important reason the US Military has been so dominant, so lethal, and so unbeatable over that last 200 years is that we subscribe to a Warrior Ethos. We're not quite Sparta, but we ain't been far behind. That is, until now. Up to now, we have recognized the blatantly obvious: That battles and wars are won by Alpha Males. And why is that? Uh… because men and women may well be equal in the eyes of God, but they damned sure ain't identical in the laws of physics and psychology. Men are, by and large, bigger, stronger, faster, more aggressive, more violent, more ferocious, more intense, more powerful, more brutal, more belligerent, more destructive, AND THEREFORE MORE LETHAL than women.
    You don't buy that? Tell you what; pick 50 men at random from anywhere and 50 women. Put 'em in a big ring and tell 'em to fight to the death. Have a problem immediately predicting the outcome? If you do, I can't help you. You're an idiot or a flaming liberal who believes that "Laura Croft, Tomb Raider" is real.

    Why do you think Martin Dempsey, Obama's personal lackey in uniform, issued his famous proclamation? You know the one: "If women can't pass the standards at Ranger school, SEAL school, and other similar training programs, then the standards will have to be justified to me".
    God help me, but am I the only one who sees through that ****? I guess the Rangers at Point du Hoc weren't good enough, huh Martin? Neither were the SEALS at Benghazi? I guess Delta's incredible successes are not sufficient. 'We must reassess the standards'. Total crock of ****. Scrape away the BS, and here's the residue: We're gonna lower the bar 'till the women can get over it, period. Think that'll have any effect on lethality? BTW, how'd you like to be the Ranger School Commandant who goes to Massa Dempsey's office to 'splain why women aint' makin' it? Think he might avoid that by "adjusting" things a bit?

    But it's more than physicality. It's about the laws of nature. That is, when young men and women are put together they respond to hormones rather than 'good order and discipline'. 1976: Women are introduced to West Point. Regulations strictly prohibited fraternization among cadets. Hahahahahahaha. Written by some idiot, no doubt. They were bangin' each other like rabbits. Trust me, I had a ringside seat. But that wouldn't happen in a Ranger squad, or a SEAL team, right? If you said, "Right", then you're an idiot. The squad/team leader is messin' around with a female and there's no degradation to good order and discipline, right? The previous "Brotherhood" that formerly bonded warriors together won't be affected, right?

    ******* So we now have a female Commandant of Cadets at West Point. See how freaking enlightened we are? We can appoint females to the leadership roles at the nations' premier School for Warriors. That is, the nations' FORMER premier School for Warriors. West Point is now the tip of the Political Correctness spear. We now have gay marriages at the cadet chapel, we have kindness and compassion seminars, we even have Sensitivity Officers, for crissake, on cadet staffs - right next to the Operations and Logistics Officers - to ensure that Alpha Males do not behave like Alpha Males. We dumb 'em down now. We used to understand that good warriors were a little rough around the edges. We tolerated that, because we knew 'em for what they were…..Patton comes immediately to mind. Instead, now we intentionally extract the fangs from the sheepdogs, just about the time when the wolves from Islam are stalking the flock….

    Obama gave us Obamacare, which is now sinking under its own sick formula. Good thing, because the gutless Republicans couldn't bring themselves to defund it. Obama has given us Sotomayor and Kagan, two flaming Liberals who will sit on that bench for a generation of Looney Tunes. Obama has demonstrated his racism, his socialism, his disdain for law enforcement and even his proclivity for Islam (the "peaceful" religion… what a laugh). He's been the single most divisive and destructive POTUS in my lifetime. America, thanks to him, is at war with itself. GOP vs 'Crats, Blacks vs Whites, Haves vs Havenots, Women vs Men, Armed vs Unarmed, you name the category……we have two sides at war with each other.

    The debt is approaching $20 Trillion. That's such a ridiculous number that even economists can't fathom it. More than half of it generated on Obama's personal watch. We have no national border. None. Agents have been defanged, and the illegal aliens come across at will. The problems in Arizona and Texas are ignored by Obama. Israel has gone from being our most trusted and respected ally in the Mideast to being openly discredited, condemned and insulted by him. The nuclear deal with Iran was and is a joke. Un-vetted Syrian male "refugees"………well hell, come to America! It's all so transparent. You elect an utterly unqualified candidate with dangerous background affiliations in his past, and this is what you get: a self-inflicted wound.
    But it all pales, in my humble world, to his destruction of the American Military. These are the guardians of our way of life. These are the warriors. These are the "rough MEN who allow us to sleep soundly, because they stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm". But go ahead, America: let this ideologue continue the systematic defanging of our fighting force. Let him feminize it. Let him drag it into the political correctness cesspool. Let him continue the social engineering and tinkering. Keep putting high heel shoes on male cadets, so they can "empathize". Forget all our hard-fought lessons at Khe Sanh, the Chosin Resevoir, Bastogne, Belleau Wood, Gettysburg, and Bunker Hill. Let the idiots tell you that war is "push button" now, so anyone can be a warrior.
    Go ahead…..
    Historians won't have a difficult time analyzing this disintegration. We were just too timid to put a stop to the madness….."

  • In 2009 I was a young private, part of B Co. 2nd battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, on my second deployment to the lovely, lovely country of Afghanistan. My platoon had drawn "the short straw" so we got stuck in the middle of nowhere, high up in the mountains, about 7500 feet ASL. This, coupled with the fact it was the dead of winter, lead to a horrendously slow OP tempo. We basically sat around and trained (but mostly sat around) for four months.

    The Taliban don't like to move around in the cold anymore than we do, plus their income is farming based, so they have no money to spend to fight the American devils.

    Also around this time the Army, (although Id guess it was some joint command) introduced three women to our platoon as our CST (cultural support team).

    Those of you who give a shit about the backwards death cult called Islam, may know that it's a big deal if a man not related to a woman touches said women, so the logic behind having the CST bitches around was to search and interact with the women we encountered on our nightly raids. (again due to winter and location we weren't doing much raiding)

    I realize I'm long winded here, but this is my point. The (unmarried) squad leaders always wound up fucking the CST bitches. On this first coed deployment, and every deployment to date. Did this hurt cohesion and combat efficacy of the worlds premier light infantry unit? You bet your ass it did.

    I've seen squad leaders I would have followed into hell with a squirt gun fired because of CST drama. On my fourth deployment I saw my whole platoon stood down while the chain of command was restructured. In fact, in another part of the country my first squad leader (who had been promoted up and away) was killed, because one of the CST cunts ran, when she was told to freeze, and tripped a PP-IED bringing a house down on his platoon.

    I'm getting long winded and emotional here, so I'll wrap it up. My contract has ended and I owe no additional loyalty to the chain of command. Integrating genders within the military is nothing more than a feel good social experiment that will get (more) people killed. I'm convinced Obama was working down some evil progressive checklist that said "integrate the services," because that's all he has done without regard for the consequences.

    I conclude with this link. Think we're still combat effective?