Magnetospeed not working right

  • So...I left it plugged in a few days ago when I used it. I was assuming it had a timed power off feature, but I was wrong. I went to use it today and it was totally dead. I pulled out the 9v and popped in two cr123a's. When I plugged the wire back in it said, "no program read instructions and try again"

    I cannot find anything in the instructions about this error code and didn't see anything with a quick search online. I thought maybe one of you all would know. I'm gonna call magnetospeed tomorrow if there is no answer here.

  • Hmmm... I've never had that happen. Sorry, wish I could help!

  • Yup, sorry never seen this as well.

  • So...apparently this is a "rare problem" with these units. I talked with Ivan (i think it was) and he said that this has happened less than 5 times total...and usually only when the battery is allowed to go completely dead. In other words I should have unplugged it.

    He gave me instructions on how to flash firmware...which didn't he is sending me out a new unit and shipping label to return the old one. I am pleased with the customer service. I wasn't even asked for a receipt showing purchase date or anything.

  • Was this on a v3? I have the older v2.

  • Brand new V3. I probably didn't have 50 rounds over it. Got it in the middle of May.

  • Glad to hear you're getting sorted.

  • I got the replacement computer for the v3 about 3 days after I called them and it is working perfectly now.

    Today I received another computer head for a v3. I have no idea why. Probably just a mix up. I will call them Monday to see why.

  • Similar things have happened to me.

    Ordered a Lee 25th kit from CTD (before the sandy hook deal I don't buy from them now) and they sent me two.

    Called them uo and told them, I think they might have even mentioned to keep it, I sent it back anyways.