Chiraq Memorial Day total, 64 shot, 6 dead


    What I find interesting is the computer algorithm that the CPD is using to rate people on the likelihood of being shot or being the shooter.

    It also has narrowed the population down to the 1400 highest rated citizens.


    In a police command center packed wall to wall with computer screens, Officer Richard Walton is tracking in real time the shooting that left Mr. Whitmore dead. Witnesses say the suspect fled in a white sport utility vehicle.

    Officer Walton has views from all the city cameras mounted along nearby intersections, and there, on one monitor, comes a white S.U.V., making a sharp turn onto South Princeton Avenue.

    “You can even see a figure in the driver’s seat, right there,” Officer Walton says, after alerting officers on the scene which way the suspect is headed and sending them images of the car.

    From this nerve center, a dozen police officers monitor the city minute by minute. There is a map of the city overlaid with rectangles glowing red and orange to show current hot zones for gang disputes. A screen tracks the locations of the latest gunshots, capturing the sounds of shots and estimating their origin down to 15 feet. Facial recognition software helps narrow down suspects whose images are caught on security cameras.

    Sometimes only minutes after the gunshots end, a computer system takes a victim’s name and displays any arrests and gang ties — as well as whether the victim has a rating on the department’s list of people most likely to shoot someone or be shot.

    Police officials say most shootings involve a relatively small group of people with the worst ratings on the list. The police and social service workers have been going to some of their homes to warn that the authorities are watching them and offer job training and educational assistance as a way out of gangs.

    Of the 64 people shot over the weekend, 50 of them, or 78 percent, are included on the department’s list. At least seven of the people shot over the weekend have been shot before.

    For one man, only 23 years old, it is his third time being shot."

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    In a city of 2.7 million people, about 1,400 are responsible for much of the violence, Mr. Johnson said, and all of them are on what the department calls its Strategic Subject List.

    So far this year, more than 70 percent of the people who have been shot in Chicago were on the list, according to the police, as were more than 80 percent of those arrested in connection with shootings.

    In a broad drug and gang raid carried out last week amid a disturbing uptick this year in shootings and murders, the Police Department said 117 of the 140 people arrested were on the list.

    And in one recent report on homicides and shootings over a two-day stretch, nearly everyone involved was on the list.

    “We are targeting the correct individuals,” Mr. Johnson said. “We just need our judicial partners and our state legislators to hold these people accountable.”

  • Lmao, going to their home and offering them job training and education.

    Next it will be money.

    In other news, Obama commuted more sentences of prisoners today, including more with Firearms related convictions... Because you know His biggest regret is not passing gunlaws even though he jas a history of not enforcing the current ones.

  • Good... let them rot. I've been to chicago a small handful of times. I will NEVER go back. A good friend of mine is getting married, and I won't go, because I refuse to relinquish the ability to protect myself as soon as I hit the state line. Hanging around that shit hole unarmed is probably the stupidest thing I can think to do.

  • DC has offered criminals money to stay clean. I don't remember where I read the story, but it was only about 3-4 months ago.