Why is there a "bad cop" story every single day?

  • Somehow I don't think it's because law enforcement is treated unfairly in the media. It isn't as if the stories being reported are really "open to interpretation." Cut and dried cases of corruption, lawlessness, and downright morally absent cops can be found virtually every single day.


  • Look at the moral decay of the entire population and you will see part of the answer. Here is some more contributing evidence and information that I consider a valuable awareness.

  • I go to a local prison near me every Sunday. I have said for some time now that there is very little moral difference between the guards and the inmates. The main difference is that some have the law on their side.

    I do believe that to be true with most police officers as well. Most are very rough people with very few morals...but like mamalukino said...so is most of our society. I will bet the ratio of morally degenerate judges are about the same as with police officers. One would expect those enforcing the law to be following the law...but that is not always the case. I do know that there are still good people out there. There are good police, judges, prison guards...and I guess I am an optimist, but I also believe there are people in prison who are overall good and just made a few mistakes.