Lets spend money to find out what logical people already know...

  • In typical government fashion, they think spending money on some new program is the answer to why criminals are shitbags.


    Want to know how criminals get guns? They steal them. Who exactly doesn't know this? Oh wait, if we just be logical, we can't justify a few million dollars of taxpayer money getting spent on the stupidest shit in the world.

  • Kali has gone full house nutz. They are getting the devil's work done before they lose their Muslim in DC.

    California May Outlaw Free Speech on Climate Change


    99% of the Lawyers make the rest look bad.


  • @mamalukino that's what the brainwashed people want.

    Look at any trump rally, people trying to stifle free speech, is so bad that even people on Hillarys payroll and campaign are calling it ludicrous.

    They'll give away all their rights, and never complain and realize they got nothing in return, then they won't be able to fight back, and I sure hope no one helps them.

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