SOCOM Chooses 300 Norma Mag


    Someone with some wisdom seems to be making the precision rifle choices for SOCOM. :) The .300NM is an absolute beast in the ELR cartridge category.

  • No more belted magnums! Finally when someone says, well the army uses 300WM we can counter with well SOCOM uses the 300NM.

    I kid of course.

  • Glad to see the military doing something intelligent for a change.

    How's the barrel life compare to a 338 (Norma or Lapua)? it's hard to argue with that performance at a lower recoil, but I can't imagine it's more than 1000 or so rounds.

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  • I've not burned up a 300NM before, but from what I'm seeing, it's not too hard to get 1200-1800rnds out of one.

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